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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Impact Review 9/15/2016

So is last week the top? Well you decide.
 “Broken” Matt Hardy reassembles his commandos by putting “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy in water, he’s 2010 Jeff minus the problems at first, but Nero’ed again. He was better the other way.
TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley talks about beating Ethan Carter III, so there is no BFG main event, and mocks Jeremy Borash. Grado tries to help in this problem, but Lashley makes it clear he will hurt them both. Grado tries to tell Lashley he’s human, and gets destroyed. After saying no one is able to stop him, Moose emerges. With that, the fight is on. Moose sends the Destroyer outside, and says he will defeat him tonight.
Aaron Rex says Drew Galloway was handed everything so far here. No, he’s not being ironic.
Lashley will not fight Moose because it’s bad for Moose’s health.
Rex battles Trevor Lee in the AWF World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Rex dominates the first half with grappling, Lee manages to break this with general brutality. Rex has a streak of strikes to end the first. Bringing the judges, Rex won the first. In the second, Lee starts off with punches, kicks, and clotheslines, but Rex his elbow of di… unhappiness, then a discus clothesline to get a win.
TNA Knockout Champion Maria doesn’t want to be outshined at BFG by Gail Kim by moving her induction to later in this show. What does this mean.
BFG ad leads Broken Matt procuring Vangaurd 1. His "MENDOZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"! Moment sees the drone return after going over his time with Senor Benjamin.
Maria’s back to be pissed off, so she’s hotshotting Gail’s induction. We see nothing wrong happening as this goes on. Nosiree Bob. After a video that shows Maria beating up Gail, no use of Gail’s move we marketed as the happy ending. Allie has a gift for Gail, but Maria smashes it. Dixie is out now, and goes back to last week, when Maria was told she had no power. Gail will get inducted at BFG, AND is in the #1 contenders match. Who’s surprised.
A recap of Rockstar Spud attacking Braxton Sutter is the reason for an empty arena match. Which is different from our quarter-full arena matches.
This match will have to padding on the turnbuckles. They brawl on the ramp to start the bout before going into to empty stands. They make there way to seats that usually may have fans to brawl. As Sutter uses a belt to whip Spud without the use of a safe word, they make their way to the cheaper than free seats, where Sutter also yells at Spud, who needs a low-blow to bring him down. Once in the ring, Spud punches away. Sutter shows turnabout is fair balls. Sutter sends Spud into the buckles, which hurts the latter enough to get a pin.
Vangaurd 1 finds Senor Benjamin, and Matt says there will be weapons brought to his house.  We know a few guys.
Moose makes it know he will still demand a fight.
Last week’s main event is shown in HIGHlights.
The Hardys are now in the ring to talk about winning the TNA World Tag Team Championships from The Decay. We haven’t decided if they should win them or have Jeff turn on Matt. Well anyway, Rosemary is near the hard camera, and says Maxel deserves a better place. He will be in NXT in 2030. She says Bram was destroyed. Well then who’s signing his deals! Abyss says The Hardys will not win. Next to be out is Crazzy Steve, who says they offer destruction. Matt is not scared. Jeff says he will make them obsolete. Matt then says they will fight in a great war. But Woodrow Wilson said there would be no war. This ends up being a brawl that sees the default faces emerge as winners.
We have another One Night Only, no World Title Series this year.
Mike Bennett tries to get Lashley to accept, but is not successful.
Jade starts off with an even exchange with Laurel Vaness, who looks to be Chelsea Green. Once Sienna’s in, they both attack Jade. Gail is next. Gail fights, but the heels resume until Marti Bell hits the ring. Marti is impressive until Raquel enters. This match is Tough Enough. Everyone is attacking everyone until Madison Rayne emerges. Madison wails on Marti going into break. Back from break, Sienna downs Gail, and is bashed by Raquel, which sees an everyone hit their move. Laurel eliminates Madison and Marti after the latter does so to Jade. Sienna reverses a sleeper hold into eliminating Raquel. Sienna argues with Maria as Allie accidentally eliminates Laurel. Sienna works on Gail, and tries to eliminate her, but Gail holds on despite the stomps and powerbomb attempts. Gail tries a sunset flip to a pin, but only gets two. Gail avoids the silencer to predictably get her shot at BFG.
Eddie Edwards has to help Mahabali Shera in this tournament match. Both exchange holds before the clothesline from Shera, leadind to Edwards having to move fast to bring the big one down and sent him outside. After Edwards dives out at Shera, he gets him inside to kick and hits the Boston knee party, which is not sold to end the first. Needless to say, Edwards has the lead. In the second, Edwards tries moving fast despite having apparently hurt his ribs. Shera’s power has Edwards reeling through the round to end the Second. No shock, Shera wins the second. Edwards starts the third with kicks, but Shera uses power until Edwards gets the win using a half Boston crab. The matches tonight show more speed, though more is needed.
Lashley is here to make his decision about Moose. After Lashley begins saying everyone wants this, he says it won’t happen. He says he’s a businessman, so he wants to fight at BFG, knowing the man already has a match. Moose says he won’t be waiting, and they brawl. Lashley throws Moose into the guardrailing, but Moose isn’t downed. Both do everything to stop the other, though there is little give between them. Bennett tries to deliver hits on Moose, but needs an eye poke, leading to Lashley delivering his spear to Moose. EC3 enters, and they brawl. That is the end of tonight.
Decent wrestling this week, though there is one angle fans truly bring their cheers with. Until next week.

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