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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Impact Review 11/10/2016

Funny to be on after a mess of legal war, but like Arnold, we'll be back.
After presenting TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards winning, he talks about overcoming a lot before Eli Drake interrupts to reminds Edwards he has to face him later on. Ethan Carter III is next out. Ethan says he will beat whoever he has to in order to get back to the top, and says Drake is not ready to be Champion. After Drake and Ethan exchange words, Mike Bennett says he is the roadblock to Ethan’s championship aspirations. Drake then everyone around him is a dummy, and is attacked by Bennett. A brawl begins until Moose breaks it up before his #1 Contender tournament bout with Bennett.
Moose starts strong by chopping Bennett. Everything goes his way until Maria attacks, she is ejected, but Bennett takes things into a new gear. Moose blocks Bennett’s suplex, but is kicked in the leg. Moose uses a desperation hit, but his assault is stopped by Bennett kicking again, and piledrives him for two, but Moose brings his energy back up to block Bennett’s cutter. After they both punch away, it is hit however. Moose still gets up, and gets out of thering. The brawl heads outside, where Moose hits the steps and is, because Bennett’s back, counted out.
The recap of TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy’s injury sees Al Snow back for a surprise.
Selling almost all videos.
Jeff Hardy visits Matt, and Senor Benjamin’s drinking. Already great. Jeff sees Matt thinks he’s an engineer. Jeff SHOULD use the time to get his name back.
The Tribunal is again in an Axel Braun-style Shield-cosplay, and they want to see Snow. When he starts to praise them, they say they don’t need him. But they were winning matches with him. As fans “boring” chants break out, The TriShield beat him up. Mahabali Shera fights them before being chokeslammed.
Basically, Captain Obvious is a pilgrim now, and Mucinex watches The Simpsons.
Jesse Godders wants to attack Aron Rex. Should be good.
Ethen vs. Abyss in the tournament. Abyss starts of with the power game, seeing Ethan having problems taking him down. The fight brings itself outside, where both exchange chops before Ethan is chokeslammed on the apron. Once back inside, referee Brian Hebner has trouble keeping Abyss normal. Ethan begins to comeback, until Abyss again uses power. Ethan does not quit, and finally brings him down with clotheslines. Abyss hits a brutal chokeslam, but only two. This leads to Abyss grabbing a steel-chair, but his attempt sees him in a sleeper hold, which gets EC3 a submission win.
Edwards and Drake talk about their bout tonight.
Matt does not know Jeff’s music. We’re trying to get the prize. Jeff wants to take him for a trip.
Jeremy Borash introduces TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim, who is first thanking basically everyone. Then she asks to see Jade. Gail says Jade is important to the division. After spending a few minutes putting her over as one of the next big wrestling stars of the future. She alludes to hanging up the boots, but The Decay interrupt. Rosemary mists Gail, and beats up Jade. Rosemary hits the VanTerminator on Jade.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ battles Trevor Lee, who battles Rockstar Spud intournament action. The action heads outside at the start, where DJZ flies, but once inside, each man uses the other as a weapon on yet the other. Lee sends DJZ across the span of the ring, but Spud sends him outside. Spud then focuses on DJZ for several minutes before Lee sends him outside to rest. DJZ fights ahead to bring both into a weaker state before a Spud low-blow takes DJZ out of the fight long enough to see Lee hit a fisherman’s buster to win.
Aiden O’Shea says the room that’s supposed to be Billy wants Robbie E and Grado to wrestle against Lashley before the two of them leave knowing they’re doomed.
Allie and Bradi Rhodes talk about a team, but Allie is hesitant.
Lashley emerges for his feeding, which has tournament implications.  Both men try to hold him off, but he suplexes and punches away. The team gets some good offense in, even suplexing him. However, Lashley gets Grado alone, spinebusters him, and spear’s Robbie E. Lashley gets the duke.
Recapping Rex’s tainted win sees Rex slowly going back to Sandow, which he should’ve done from the beginning.
Jesse beats up Rex, who’s wearing a puffy shirt because of a low-talker.
Jeff takes Matt to see Skarsgard. Jeff brings Matt to the water, but he won’t go in.
Edwards battles Drake in the main event. Both begin by locking up. Neither man has the advantage until Edwards starts to drift things his way with grappling Drake to the mat. Drake uses the strength advantage to slow the match, and avoid Edwards’ dive. As they brawl outside, Edwards hits a hurricarana, but Drake also sends Edwards into the apron. Drake stomps away in the ring while targeting the back of Edwards. Drake uses a powerslam, and an elbow. When Drake takes his time going up top, Edwards surges up, kicks Drake, and superplexes Drake. Next is a yay/boo. Edwards sends Drake out, but Drake skins-the-cat. Edwards sends him out again, and flies at him. They are back in the ring when Edwards hits a lungblower, but can’t capitalize. Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma, but only the count of two. When Drake goes up top, it’s countered into a backpack stunner attempt, but Drake counters as well. Drake goes up top one last time, but Edwards gets out of the way. Edwards then hits the Boston Knee Party to retain. He is then attacked by the Beatdown Clan… DCC, who show themselves to be Eddie Kingston, Bram, and James Storm.
Not a bad week, but not long now.

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