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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Impact's New Day-1/5/2017

Forget the bastards, we’re getting paid! We’re now buying Commando.
After the announcers talk about Anthem, we hear news by TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards about being a target, but Bobby Lashley wants a shot at the belt, Ethan Carter III does too. EC3 wants to repeat his win last year to become TNA Champion. After the two former WHCs argue, Edwards says all three should wrestle, and says he has a surprise.
An ad for the show we are not up.
We see the main event later.
TNA Grand Heavyweight action as Moose defends in a match with Mike Bennett. Both clash to start, but neither man gains much in the first minute before Moose downs Bennett briefly. This sees Bennett use a hit to the knee to gain the advantage. It doesn’t last too long, as is basically the pattern in the first. Before the next round, Bennett is announced as winning the first, but Moose brutally attacks to start off. Moose breaks out some speed, including a moonsault. After both kicking, then hitting the cutter, Bennett tries a pin, but the kickout keeps Moose in it. Hitting the discus then has Bennett try the MIP, but it is reversed into a finisher by Moose, but the second ends going into break. Jon Ham stands like he’s photoshopped on a dummy. Back from break, it is a Moose win, which sees him hit the go 2 hell, but Bennett kicks out. Moouse tries another moonsault, but misses, and is piledriven by Bennett. This also sees kicking out. This leads to a yay/boo before Bennett hits the kick off the second turnbuckle. Both men are on the ground before the third ends. Moose is awarded the bout.
TNA World Tag Team Champions ask 2-time Gooker winner Swoggle about “MeekMahan”. Not sure if this is good or stupid.
Rockstar Spud wants the man that turned his back, we’ll review later. Swoggle emerges to accept. Spud attacks at first, though brought down by his spear and emerald fusion. After being bitched out by the man many say was the worst Cruiserweight Champion in WWE’s time with it, Spud says he quits. That all happened.
Bennett challenges Moose one more time at a PPV tomorrow night. We’ll likely hear the outcomes next week.
Eli Drake speaks for the first time in this year next.
Drake says his show is setting trends, and EC3 is not out of his mind. He switches gears to introduce The Hardys. Broken Matt Hardy basically introduces himself, but Drake talks about Total Nonstop Deletion needing Drake. Matt says the invite was an open challenge. Drake says he needs invitations, which sees “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy ask if he needs to fall in love. Drake says they were afraid of him. This goes on a few more instances until Drake talks about the live PPV tomorrow, where he says he’ll get a partner. He tries to hit them, but they cut him off.
Edwards says he will leave TNA Champion. But while he’s talking, Lashley interrupts trying to hear the surprise. Edwards leaves.
Another promo for a show the network presents.
Hamm stands normal.
We hear about The Hardys. Even the local news picked it up. We may have a shot.
Trevor Lee says there is no eye in unity. The Helms Dynasty battle The Decay, who have new music for some reason we don’t think has anything to do with screwing Billy. Momentum shifts fast in this early part. Andrew Everett blocks Crazzy Steve’s attempts to tag Abyss, but the big man barges in. He uses strength to even attack Gregory Shane Helms. TNA Knockout Champion Rosemary mist Helms, and Abyss chokeslams Everett to win. The DCC emerge and attack The Decay. Bram never forgets.
Maria talks to Allie about her win over Laurel Van Ness, and that she should be ready next.
Maria, Sienna, and Laurel are here to talk about Allie. This leads to Allie making her entrance. Basically, no camera’s on Sienna. This director may be hurt. Maria berates her as usual. This angle seems to be in the same place as before. However, Allie accepts battling Sienna. Allie brawls with Sienna at first, but the power is Sienna’s. Braxton Sutter is out there trying to support Allie as Laurel tries putting the moves on him. We try to tell her we’re available, but she seems to prefer married men. Well anyway, Allie still fighting before catching sight of Laurel. This gives Sienna a shot to hit the kick, but it’s not enough. Allie doesn’t like being spit on, so Allie slaps, then blasts with the crossbody. After a bodyslam is hit, Laurel has to distract again, leading to Sienna ending it with a silencer.
Promotion for tomorrow’s bouts, which has Rosemary vs. Sienna, and TNA X-Division Champion DJZ vs. Lee, Sutter, and Spud.
Edwards vs. EC3 vs. Lashley main events. All three brawl with 11 minutes until the overrun. Edwards and EC3 work as a team as Lashley battles. When Lashley is sent outside, they go after him and assault by the ring chopping away by the rail. Once back inside, Lashley tries to gain ground, though the two men are united going into break. Back from break, EC3 works on Edwards while Lashley tries getting back in. Edwards takes EC3 down with an armdrag, but as they begin switching, both now remember Lashley after he suplexes both of them. Lashley exerts his power before ripping padding off of a buckle. EC3 attacks, but is sent down so Lashley will remove the second padding. Edwards avoids the buckles before they both deliver a suplex. Both Edwards and EC3 have a yay/boo before taking Lashley down again. Edwards avoids a 1%er, and they battle while Lashley heals. Edwards avoids a suplex before Lashley hits a dominator. EC3 takes Lashley down. EC3 sees Edwards up top, and tries for a superplex. Lashley hits a tower of power. Lashley’s spear is blocked by EC3, and Edwards hits a lungblower on Lashley. EC3 then hits the TK3 on Lashley, but it does not get the win. EC3 tries to fly, but is locked into the chinchecker, but EC3 counters into a sleeper. Lashley sends both into Chekov’s buckles, and the battle heads outside, where Edwards flies. Both Edwards and Lashley are back inside, where Lashley spears Edwards, who rolls outside. Lashley grabs the gold to try to hit Edwards, but the surprise, Davey Richards grabs it, leading to a Boston knee party to win.
The first broadcast of Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions wasn’t actually bad. Perhaps we’ll have a great time.

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