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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Impact Review 1/12/2017

We find the bastards that are helping are nuts. We suspect they had problems with the vacation they had implanted. This might be a dream.
After showing the win by TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards last week, we hear TNA World Tag Team Champions The Hardys talk about their intent on defeating both Edwards & Davey Richards later tonight. Fantastically bizarre, we’re glad these guys aren’t Gooker-nominated.
Ethan Carter III is here as we see Davey helping Edwards win on two nights. EC3 talks about wanting one match without interference. He then, as we see the new logo, he talks about the problem Davey started as he wants to see The Wolves. Bobby Lashley then emerges to mockingly ask EC3 about being interrupted. Lashley then says EC3 acting like a face is what cost EC3. Lashley says they both want the TNA Championship, he challenges EC3 to a Last Man Standing match. After they both mock Anthem’s All Seeing Owl, they brawl to possibly amuse it. The match begins before the break. Back from break, EC3 is on the stage while Lashley is in the ring.  Once EC3 enters, Lashley tries using the chair, but misses, leading to EC3 hitting a fast-paced assault. The brawl then heads outside, where Lashley uses punches, and the apron to daze EC3 enough to try a suplex through the table, but neither man does so. Instead, Lashley hits the running powerslam outside. EC3 is up at 5, leading to Lashley rolling him insid. As Lashley begins to climb the turnbuckle, EC3 sends him flying outside. A snap suplex by EC3 gives him time to get a second table. By 6, Lashley is up going into break #2. Back from break, EC3 sends Lashley down with both clotheslines and a splash before using a flapjack. EC3 tries the 1%er, but Lashley gets out and tries a spear. EC3 then gets out of the way and suplexes. This then sees EC3 hit a superplex. Lashley surges with adrenaline, and delivers a superplex of his own. When EC3 gets up, he is speared. He’s up at 5, and is speared again. Lashley brings a third table as EC3 is up at 9. Lashley sets it up in the corner. We get a yay/boo before Lashley hits the spinebuster. Lashley goes for one more spear, but is reversed into a 1%er, and speared through the table. Both respond before the count. EC3 inside, Lashley stumbling outside. EC3 follows and blasts with the chair. Lashley’s up at 7 thanks to the steps. EC3 then goes for a sleeper, which sends both men into the tables Lashley set up. Lashley barely is up at 9, but EC3 is up slightly too late. Both put on a great match, which is why we hope we don’t win the Gooker.
We see a man’s pinky-ring. This won’t do any good. Any bets on if it’s the infamous new gimmick everyone heard about are permitted.
Boy, Hulu doesn’t have any idea what they’re signing up for.
Feast or Fired with a new name.
Eli Drake seems to be Negan when he and Tyrus threaten someone to start reading a statement.
Rockstar Spud reads a statement before Aron Rex is introduced. Spud is dressed like his servant, Rex has a brutally white robe. Rex’s name is sung as he starts talking as stereotypically effeminate as possible. Basically, this reminds us of The Rainbow Express, a tag team that we had to book. Painful then, painful now. Robbie E mocks them and attacks, but they beat him down. Rex then beats him with his ring hand. We may hear everyone involved asking if Japan is an option.
The DCC talk about beating up The Decay. Bram remembers something other than his attorney’s number. Brilliant.
The Allie and Maria stuff keeps going and going and going and going.
The Decay vs. The DCC is next up. Both teams brawl to begin as Abyss works over Bram. Crazzy Steve attacks Eddie Kingston with his speed, but Bram has dealt with Abyss and uses the numbers to beat up Steve. Back to two, Bram slugs Steve before tagging in Kingston. Both use frequent tags before Steve tags in Abyss. After the hot tag, everyone brawls before they’re counted out. Despite this, they’re still brawling. Russo might be erect now.
The Wolves talk about teaming up. We think Davey is happy with Edwards’ success and will not be costing him the TNA Championship.
Returning KO you say? Who forgot her pay rate now? Guess.
TurboTax again after H&R Block. The Thursday Night Tax Wars.
Ok, it’s Brooke. No, not that one. She’s back to wrestling after having her kid. She hopes to be TNA Knockout Champion again.
Mike Bennett vs. Braxton Sutter is now up. Both lock-up to start before Sutter begins chopping, then clotheslining away. Sutter’s attack is not long, because Bennett sends him outside, and throws him between the rail and apron before trying a pin inside. Bennett’s chinlock is broken by Sutter, who uses right hands and a spinebuster. Sutter uses his agility to fly, but Maria’s distraction leads to Bennett hitting the MIP, then a piledriver at Maria’s orders. Allie then tries to tell her to stop, but she tries to have Allie see, but Bennett takes entirely too much time, as he’s pinned with a jackknife.
Bennett has given her an idea.
TNA Knockout Champion Rosemary is out to speak. She talks about being Champion, and who’s tried to stop her. Jade interrupts to say that the mist is why Jade doesn’t have the belt, now she wants a shot. Rosemary says it’s a death wish she is not denying, so long as it’s Monster’s Ball, to which Jade accepts. Afterwards, they brawl, which sends Rosemary running.
Next week is Race 4 The Case as it is now known.
The Hardys vs. The Wolves main events. Edwards starts battling Broken Matt Hardy. Both will swap working on the arm before Davey and “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy tag in. They exchange holds before the double-team by The Wolves, leading Edwards tagging in. Edwards next is teamed up on by The Hardys keep tagging in and out going into break. Back from break, Edwards battles with Jeff, but needs to tag Davey in. Matt tags in and goes for a pin before Davey breaks it up. Edwards hits The Hardys with a hurricarana, and tags in Davey, who hits both with a suplex. Davey locks Matt in a figure-four. Jeff tries to stop it, but Davey additionally puts him in an ankle lock. Davey targets the leg of Matt before Edwards drags Matt into the post. Frequent tags bring both Wolves until settling on Davey. Matt brings Davey down, leading to Edwards and Jeff tagging in. Jeff hits a few of his Moves of Doom, but Davey breaks the pin attempt. Jeff uses the whisper in the wind on both before tagging in Matt, who tries a twist of fate before he is countered be Edwards. Jeff tries a Swanton bomb, but the knees of Edwards leads to an attempt to end the match, but Matt breaks up the pin. After a few near-finishes, Matt hits Davey with a twist of fate, bringing next the Swanton bomb. This does not end the match. Edwards goes after Matt, After this, Edwards tries to signal to Davey, but is caught by Matt, leading to a pin from Jeff to end the match.
Week 2 was not bad, unless you look at the bad repackaging, but that doesn’t even screw up the show now.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Impact's New Day-1/5/2017

Forget the bastards, we’re getting paid! We’re now buying Commando.
After the announcers talk about Anthem, we hear news by TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards about being a target, but Bobby Lashley wants a shot at the belt, Ethan Carter III does too. EC3 wants to repeat his win last year to become TNA Champion. After the two former WHCs argue, Edwards says all three should wrestle, and says he has a surprise.
An ad for the show we are not up.
We see the main event later.
TNA Grand Heavyweight action as Moose defends in a match with Mike Bennett. Both clash to start, but neither man gains much in the first minute before Moose downs Bennett briefly. This sees Bennett use a hit to the knee to gain the advantage. It doesn’t last too long, as is basically the pattern in the first. Before the next round, Bennett is announced as winning the first, but Moose brutally attacks to start off. Moose breaks out some speed, including a moonsault. After both kicking, then hitting the cutter, Bennett tries a pin, but the kickout keeps Moose in it. Hitting the discus then has Bennett try the MIP, but it is reversed into a finisher by Moose, but the second ends going into break. Jon Ham stands like he’s photoshopped on a dummy. Back from break, it is a Moose win, which sees him hit the go 2 hell, but Bennett kicks out. Moouse tries another moonsault, but misses, and is piledriven by Bennett. This also sees kicking out. This leads to a yay/boo before Bennett hits the kick off the second turnbuckle. Both men are on the ground before the third ends. Moose is awarded the bout.
TNA World Tag Team Champions ask 2-time Gooker winner Swoggle about “MeekMahan”. Not sure if this is good or stupid.
Rockstar Spud wants the man that turned his back, we’ll review later. Swoggle emerges to accept. Spud attacks at first, though brought down by his spear and emerald fusion. After being bitched out by the man many say was the worst Cruiserweight Champion in WWE’s time with it, Spud says he quits. That all happened.
Bennett challenges Moose one more time at a PPV tomorrow night. We’ll likely hear the outcomes next week.
Eli Drake speaks for the first time in this year next.
Drake says his show is setting trends, and EC3 is not out of his mind. He switches gears to introduce The Hardys. Broken Matt Hardy basically introduces himself, but Drake talks about Total Nonstop Deletion needing Drake. Matt says the invite was an open challenge. Drake says he needs invitations, which sees “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy ask if he needs to fall in love. Drake says they were afraid of him. This goes on a few more instances until Drake talks about the live PPV tomorrow, where he says he’ll get a partner. He tries to hit them, but they cut him off.
Edwards says he will leave TNA Champion. But while he’s talking, Lashley interrupts trying to hear the surprise. Edwards leaves.
Another promo for a show the network presents.
Hamm stands normal.
We hear about The Hardys. Even the local news picked it up. We may have a shot.
Trevor Lee says there is no eye in unity. The Helms Dynasty battle The Decay, who have new music for some reason we don’t think has anything to do with screwing Billy. Momentum shifts fast in this early part. Andrew Everett blocks Crazzy Steve’s attempts to tag Abyss, but the big man barges in. He uses strength to even attack Gregory Shane Helms. TNA Knockout Champion Rosemary mist Helms, and Abyss chokeslams Everett to win. The DCC emerge and attack The Decay. Bram never forgets.
Maria talks to Allie about her win over Laurel Van Ness, and that she should be ready next.
Maria, Sienna, and Laurel are here to talk about Allie. This leads to Allie making her entrance. Basically, no camera’s on Sienna. This director may be hurt. Maria berates her as usual. This angle seems to be in the same place as before. However, Allie accepts battling Sienna. Allie brawls with Sienna at first, but the power is Sienna’s. Braxton Sutter is out there trying to support Allie as Laurel tries putting the moves on him. We try to tell her we’re available, but she seems to prefer married men. Well anyway, Allie still fighting before catching sight of Laurel. This gives Sienna a shot to hit the kick, but it’s not enough. Allie doesn’t like being spit on, so Allie slaps, then blasts with the crossbody. After a bodyslam is hit, Laurel has to distract again, leading to Sienna ending it with a silencer.
Promotion for tomorrow’s bouts, which has Rosemary vs. Sienna, and TNA X-Division Champion DJZ vs. Lee, Sutter, and Spud.
Edwards vs. EC3 vs. Lashley main events. All three brawl with 11 minutes until the overrun. Edwards and EC3 work as a team as Lashley battles. When Lashley is sent outside, they go after him and assault by the ring chopping away by the rail. Once back inside, Lashley tries to gain ground, though the two men are united going into break. Back from break, EC3 works on Edwards while Lashley tries getting back in. Edwards takes EC3 down with an armdrag, but as they begin switching, both now remember Lashley after he suplexes both of them. Lashley exerts his power before ripping padding off of a buckle. EC3 attacks, but is sent down so Lashley will remove the second padding. Edwards avoids the buckles before they both deliver a suplex. Both Edwards and EC3 have a yay/boo before taking Lashley down again. Edwards avoids a 1%er, and they battle while Lashley heals. Edwards avoids a suplex before Lashley hits a dominator. EC3 takes Lashley down. EC3 sees Edwards up top, and tries for a superplex. Lashley hits a tower of power. Lashley’s spear is blocked by EC3, and Edwards hits a lungblower on Lashley. EC3 then hits the TK3 on Lashley, but it does not get the win. EC3 tries to fly, but is locked into the chinchecker, but EC3 counters into a sleeper. Lashley sends both into Chekov’s buckles, and the battle heads outside, where Edwards flies. Both Edwards and Lashley are back inside, where Lashley spears Edwards, who rolls outside. Lashley grabs the gold to try to hit Edwards, but the surprise, Davey Richards grabs it, leading to a Boston knee party to win.
The first broadcast of Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions wasn’t actually bad. Perhaps we’ll have a great time.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Impact Review 12/1/2016

Matt’s Back, He may need an apprentice.
TNA Impact Grand Heavyweight Champion Aron Rex makes an open challenge. He is bummed its Moose. He wanted Grado. Many did. Before the bout, Rex stalls for time before the bell rings. He still stalls, even rolling outside. Once back in the ring, he’s thrown, kips-up, and does the chinlock eye deal. Moose no-sells, hits the gamechanger, and wins. Not all the bouts will be like this. After his win, Moose says Rex was good, but now Moose has the belt, for anyone who wants a bout. Rex won’t speak.
When interviewed, TNA World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy says Matt, will be there, then shows he has his Brother Nero lenses.
The Payday team is on their way. Bram moves his mouth under his mask to act like he’s robotic. Strangely, he delivers a better promo Shockmaster-style. Jeff emerges in Brother Nero mode. Jeff talks about how their facing two guys from World War I or something. Kingston asks where Matt is, Jeff attacks, but the numbers are too great. The DCC music hits and the lights go out. When back on, Matt’s in the ring and sends them away. Matt says the belts belong to them.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter talk about the 3-way match they will be in tonight. They all act too face for no one to turn.
A sale. No, not of this place.
Recap of Moose winning.
A Tweet of the night goes to @IanRichards1: “I picture the Team X Gold match similar to WCW World War 3 where the last three left were all nWo members.”. As these three are here to win, the match begins. They begin to circle before all three go for near falls early on. DJZ is sent outside so Sutter and Mandrews exchange moves. When DJZ enters, he is given the Northern Lights suplex, and is back out of this. Sutter uses a bit of power, but is sent outside by DJZ, where both men are downed with a moonsault. After Mandrews gets a breather, DJZ dominates, until getting in the ring, where his knee stops him from fighting. This sees a pin attempt by Mandrews on Sutter. DJZ fights through his pain to deliver a crossbody to both. DJZ tries a ZDT, but is hit with a flatliner by Sutter. Mandrews effectively eliminates Sutter, but the recovered DJZ gets a pin over Mandrews after a Mandrews splash. After the bout, DJZ’s knee is attacked as Mandrews shows he’s not happy with the end.
Laurel Van Ness berates Allie about last week, and says she may not have a job.
Maria and Laurel are here to talk about the pie stuff. Allie is asked to bring herself to the ring. Allie says she did not mean to force her pie in Maria’s face, but this goes to the Allie/Laurel spat. Then the beration continues before Laurel says she had a date last night. After being called a bitch, Allie slaps Maria. Laurel attacks.
Before her bout, Rosemary tells Jade she will make history, and win the TNA Knockout Championship.
Bram teams with Kingston to wrestle The Hardys. Kingston with his D’Lo Brown/Roman Reigns look as both teams brawl. Matt bring Bram through two corners before a double suplex assault on both opponents. The Hardys use their team experience to isolate Bram and whoop him the way many want to see happen. Bram escapes a chinlock by Jeff, but it sees The Hardys beat him and his partner up going into break. Back from break, Kingston has the edge over Matt before tagging Bram in. Bram has an edge briefly before Matt brings him down and tags Jeff, who is rolling until James Storm kicks when referee Brian Hebner is distracted. Kingston tags in and dominates for a little bit before tagging Bram back in. The two men wear Jeff a bit more before Jeff brings both himself & Bram to the canvas. Matt tags in while Kingston. Matt bites both men’s hands like their Michael Biehn in a James Cameron film. Before Matt hits the twist of fate, he is hit by Bram. Jeff takes both Storm & Bram out then helps Matt deliver two twist of fates to befall Kingston to retain.
We see Gail Kim put over Jade without losing to her before Rosemary attacks them some weeks back. We see Jade’s training for this bout.
We see last week Ethan Carter III silenced Eli Drake last week, and now messes with him.
We see Al Snow and Mahabali Shera being whipped. Is it racist if they’re European? Maybe. It seems to be a strap-match.
EC3 is out here to talk about his shot at TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards. He wants Edwards to come out. When he does, EC3 talks highly about Edwards against Lashley before they talk business. Basically, EC3 talks about having another shot, and Edwards talks about being the best.
Next week is the TNA Championship match.
Jade battles Rosemary in the cage in this main event. They start by brawling outside of the cage, but Jade brings her in and dominates going into break. Back from break, Jade uses a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Rosemary uses a fake-mist to bring things her way. She even grinds her face against the fencing. She is still attacking even when taking a break. She even suplexes Jade into the cage. Rosemary looks to head coast-to-coast, but Jade recovers her bearings, and sends her to the ground. Jade now uses the structure to throw Rosemary around, and powerbomb her for two. Both brawl until Rosemary uses a German suplex that brings both down. After they both get up and brawl on the wall, Jade sends Rosemary down before the crossbody off the cage. Only two. Jade goes to fly, but mist by Rosemary interrupts the climb, then the red wedding secures the gold.
Standard, but interesting. Just feels like it will end soon.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Punk Wants to Fight Again

Hey, best of luck to him. I'm sure UFC could milk some kind of 'redemption' story out of his fame, but I'd bet on Bellator throwing insane money at him for some big televised one-off.

Cynical Thoughts: WWE Survivor Series 2016

-I just turned 33 last week. I've been watching WWE for over 27 years, and I'm more guilty than most when it comes to updating my expectations as a fan. When an event like Survivor Series rolls around, I get annoyed when I realize that not every match on the show is a traditional elimination match. Hell, that annoyance only spikes when WWE opts to license some contemporary song for the event's theme instead of using the old saxophone-and-trumpet fanfare from 1989. So yeah, next time you see me laughing at the IWC for their inability to change with the times, just remember that I'm part of the problem.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Impact Review 11/17/2016

We have found that because of yet another stable war, everyone’s yelling Russo’s back. We already terminated him six times.
We see last week’s brutal DCC revelation and here is TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards, Edwards says he understands being the target, but that the DCC’s actions lack honor. This sees the DCC appear in a package, a new voice, but still masked. They yammer before appearing like Undertaker or Bray Wyatt. Here they still wear masks. Edwards wants to fight, but Eddie Kingston assaults him. Edwards fights back, but the other two run into the ring. TNA World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy breaks it up.
We see the assault from just now, and Edwards an Jeff talk to Aiden O’Shea, who lets them in the supposed Billy Room.
Jesse Godderz faces TNA Grand Heavyweight Champion Aron Rex in non-title(Thank Lemmy) action.  Jesse Starts by brawling Rex into the corner. As Jesse bashes Rex around, he tries for the Adonis lock, leading to an eye poke. This sees Rex starting on offense with a knee drop and chinlock. Jesse reverses a suplex, but Rex cuts him off. After Jesse is sent outside, Rex sends him into the rail, then back inside with clubbing hits on the apron. He then uses the ring skirt itself to cover Jesse’s head and hit some more. After it’s back inside, Rex wears down Jesse a bit more before Jesse surges out of a chinlock. Jesse punches away, and uses an eye-rake. Once Jesse sends both men outside, he grinds the face against the steps. Jesse gets it back in the ring, and 10-punches away. As Jesse tries brawling, Rex dodges, targets the knee, and tries for a submission before being reversed into an Adonis lock for a submission.
Allie is told by Laurel Van Ness(A lot of California references), as Maria and Sienna use intimidation to try to stop Allie from helping Brandi Rhodes.
WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. Boy that’s weird.
After A look at TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim getting beat up, she’s vacating. This puts no one over. “Tell me a lie”.

Sienna and Laurel face Brandi and her partner. After Allie’s sent to the back, it’s revealed to be Madison Rayne. Brandi chases Maria, and avoids Laurel. Madison tags in, and handles Laurel, ever holding her own with Sienna until Laurel grabs the handful of hair. Laurel tags in, and chokes Madison for a bit before tagging in Sienna. Laurel provides a hidden assist, as Sienna wears Madison down, she tags in Laurel, who continues to wear away at Madison before trying the curbstomp, but misses. Madison tags in Brandi, who runs around for a bit until Sienna boots in the chest. Brandi is undeterred, and goes for a pin until Laurel and Madison enter. Brandi reverses the AK47 into a flatliner known as Shot of Brandi, leading to Brandi winning.
TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy is slowly on his way back, but he’s not there yet.
Mike Bennett vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Trevor Lee vs. Ethan Carter III. Ethan starts by Attacking Lashley, but it becomes three-on-one until EC3’s outside. Everyone tries to pin everyone until Lashley brutalives them both. Lashley stars with the Bennett suplex, then sends Lee outside going into break. Back from break, Lee directs at assault by Bennett and himself. Bennett kicks EC3 in the head, but Lee tries a pin. Lashley is still outside, leading to Bennett attacking further. Both men in the improvised team are angry, leading to EC3 getting a few hits in. Lee targets Lashley while Bennett is with EC3. The team seems to end as EC3 beats up both men. Lashley tries getting in, but EC3 punches him. EC3 attempts a double 1%er, leading to everyone else hitting a finisher. Both Lee, then Bennett start another sequence like this, but Lashley dominates, leading to his spear, but Lee reverses to collision course. Eventually, a fast-paced brawl leads to Lee jumping on both EC3 and Lashley before Lee tries a pin. EC3 fights back, hits a TK3, and uses a sleeper hold to win.
Matt is shown footage of his behavior, including the great moments that make this the least deserving Gooker angle ever.
We see                 EC3’s win, and hear from Eli Drake, who’s angry at the win and demands EC3 return. EC3 allows Drake his time to speak, to which he mentions the times EC3 has not emerged TNA Champion. Drake now wants the shot on the line. Now the other man wants to have the shot. EC3 is surprised to hear this idea, and says no as well. This now leads to Drake offers the no TNA Championship match for a year. Again, not an interesting offer. EC3 wants as many wrestlers as possible. Even getting Drake’s laughtrack to agree. EC3 says he respects him, and because of that, he will only accept it if Drake agrees to a vow of silence for the last 6 weeks of the year. The match is on.
The Decay tell Jade here that Rosemary wants to speak to her. We’re sure this will end just fine.
Jade looks to speak to Rosemary near our office.
Basille Baracka vs. Mahabali Shera. Baracka starts with a brutal brawl that heads to the corner. Shera then gets out and attempts a brawl himself, but a crossbody  by Baracka puts him back on this. Baracka then lifts up Shera for a stomp, then tries another crossbody, but is caught in a powerslam. Shera again uses his power to keep sending him to the mat. Even Baracka trying to use tights goes nowhere. Shera uses a camel clutch to get a submission win. Great Tribunal push. Baron Dax then aids a Shield-ish assault. Al Snow is next out, feigning trying to get approval, but then sends them off.
The meeting Jade has with Rosemary has videos implying a lesbian angle, though they will wrestle to win the Knockout Championship. Oh, and a cage will be involved.
Next week has Team X-Gold, and EC3 vs. Drake.
DCC vs. Jeff and Edwards. Jeff has new music. Guessing he has his identity back to head to WWE. Both teams brawl before Jeff and Edwards take all three out on the outside. Though The DCC brutally use their numbers to divide Jeff and Edwards. Once back  inside, it’s Ring of Honor vs. Chikara going into break. Back from break, Kingston holds Edwards while Bram hits him. Jeff beats up James Storm outside. Bram sets up a chair in the corner while Kingston attacks Jeff. Before Bram can send Edwards into the chair, Edwards sends him outside, where Jeff and Storm brawl. Kingston tries a suplex into chairs. Edwards however sends him into the chairs. Jeff has Storm back in the ring, where he’s destroying him. Storm has a opening to hit the eye of the Storm, but Jeff kicks out. Edwards enziguri’s Storm, but Bram attacks, and hits the brighter side of suffering on the outside onto a table. Jeff hits the twist of fate on Storm, but trying it again is reversed into the last call to end the match.
Not a bad week, but depending on where the next payer is from, basically, it is tough.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Impact Review 11/10/2016

Funny to be on after a mess of legal war, but like Arnold, we'll be back.
After presenting TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards winning, he talks about overcoming a lot before Eli Drake interrupts to reminds Edwards he has to face him later on. Ethan Carter III is next out. Ethan says he will beat whoever he has to in order to get back to the top, and says Drake is not ready to be Champion. After Drake and Ethan exchange words, Mike Bennett says he is the roadblock to Ethan’s championship aspirations. Drake then everyone around him is a dummy, and is attacked by Bennett. A brawl begins until Moose breaks it up before his #1 Contender tournament bout with Bennett.
Moose starts strong by chopping Bennett. Everything goes his way until Maria attacks, she is ejected, but Bennett takes things into a new gear. Moose blocks Bennett’s suplex, but is kicked in the leg. Moose uses a desperation hit, but his assault is stopped by Bennett kicking again, and piledrives him for two, but Moose brings his energy back up to block Bennett’s cutter. After they both punch away, it is hit however. Moose still gets up, and gets out of thering. The brawl heads outside, where Moose hits the steps and is, because Bennett’s back, counted out.
The recap of TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy’s injury sees Al Snow back for a surprise.
Selling almost all videos.
Jeff Hardy visits Matt, and Senor Benjamin’s drinking. Already great. Jeff sees Matt thinks he’s an engineer. Jeff SHOULD use the time to get his name back.
The Tribunal is again in an Axel Braun-style Shield-cosplay, and they want to see Snow. When he starts to praise them, they say they don’t need him. But they were winning matches with him. As fans “boring” chants break out, The TriShield beat him up. Mahabali Shera fights them before being chokeslammed.
Basically, Captain Obvious is a pilgrim now, and Mucinex watches The Simpsons.
Jesse Godders wants to attack Aron Rex. Should be good.
Ethen vs. Abyss in the tournament. Abyss starts of with the power game, seeing Ethan having problems taking him down. The fight brings itself outside, where both exchange chops before Ethan is chokeslammed on the apron. Once back inside, referee Brian Hebner has trouble keeping Abyss normal. Ethan begins to comeback, until Abyss again uses power. Ethan does not quit, and finally brings him down with clotheslines. Abyss hits a brutal chokeslam, but only two. This leads to Abyss grabbing a steel-chair, but his attempt sees him in a sleeper hold, which gets EC3 a submission win.
Edwards and Drake talk about their bout tonight.
Matt does not know Jeff’s music. We’re trying to get the prize. Jeff wants to take him for a trip.
Jeremy Borash introduces TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim, who is first thanking basically everyone. Then she asks to see Jade. Gail says Jade is important to the division. After spending a few minutes putting her over as one of the next big wrestling stars of the future. She alludes to hanging up the boots, but The Decay interrupt. Rosemary mists Gail, and beats up Jade. Rosemary hits the VanTerminator on Jade.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ battles Trevor Lee, who battles Rockstar Spud intournament action. The action heads outside at the start, where DJZ flies, but once inside, each man uses the other as a weapon on yet the other. Lee sends DJZ across the span of the ring, but Spud sends him outside. Spud then focuses on DJZ for several minutes before Lee sends him outside to rest. DJZ fights ahead to bring both into a weaker state before a Spud low-blow takes DJZ out of the fight long enough to see Lee hit a fisherman’s buster to win.
Aiden O’Shea says the room that’s supposed to be Billy wants Robbie E and Grado to wrestle against Lashley before the two of them leave knowing they’re doomed.
Allie and Bradi Rhodes talk about a team, but Allie is hesitant.
Lashley emerges for his feeding, which has tournament implications.  Both men try to hold him off, but he suplexes and punches away. The team gets some good offense in, even suplexing him. However, Lashley gets Grado alone, spinebusters him, and spear’s Robbie E. Lashley gets the duke.
Recapping Rex’s tainted win sees Rex slowly going back to Sandow, which he should’ve done from the beginning.
Jesse beats up Rex, who’s wearing a puffy shirt because of a low-talker.
Jeff takes Matt to see Skarsgard. Jeff brings Matt to the water, but he won’t go in.
Edwards battles Drake in the main event. Both begin by locking up. Neither man has the advantage until Edwards starts to drift things his way with grappling Drake to the mat. Drake uses the strength advantage to slow the match, and avoid Edwards’ dive. As they brawl outside, Edwards hits a hurricarana, but Drake also sends Edwards into the apron. Drake stomps away in the ring while targeting the back of Edwards. Drake uses a powerslam, and an elbow. When Drake takes his time going up top, Edwards surges up, kicks Drake, and superplexes Drake. Next is a yay/boo. Edwards sends Drake out, but Drake skins-the-cat. Edwards sends him out again, and flies at him. They are back in the ring when Edwards hits a lungblower, but can’t capitalize. Drake hits Blunt Force Trauma, but only the count of two. When Drake goes up top, it’s countered into a backpack stunner attempt, but Drake counters as well. Drake goes up top one last time, but Edwards gets out of the way. Edwards then hits the Boston Knee Party to retain. He is then attacked by the Beatdown Clan… DCC, who show themselves to be Eddie Kingston, Bram, and James Storm.
Not a bad week, but not long now.