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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Impact Review 4/26/2016

Before we begin, our thoughts go out to the family and friends who lost Chyna this week.


Tonight is Sacrifice. Will Ethan Carter III let off some steam, or will Mike Bennett end up making history? Will TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway stand up as the winner, or will Tyrus? Will there be new TNA World Tag Team and King of the Mountain Champions? Ok, we’ll answer that last one.


After a brief graphic in honor of Chyna, Tyrus is waiting for Drew. When he and Rockstar Spud demand Drew walk out to give up the gold. Drew however is ready now, which makes it strange the match is this early. Drew starts with punches, but a distraction by Spud enables Tyrus to send Drew outside. Spud stomps away before Tyrus goes after Drew. Drew is able to send Tyrus into the ringpost. Despite Drew having help chopping Tyrus, the big man uses a suplex to get things his way. Tyrus keeps attacking the injured ribs of Drew as Spud looks like he needs a fix. Tyrus brutalizes the ribs further, and goes to splash. Drew rolls out of the way, and attacks in the corner. Drew uses a clothesline from the top before going to use the claymore. Spud’s distraction almost helps Tyrus use the Championship belt, but Drew reverses. After disposing of Spud, Drew hits his claymore for two. Both men are up when Tyrus again hits the ribs. Drew is able to battle out, and get Tyrus up top for a superplex. Again, only two. A yay/boo leads to Drew using several punches, and when Tyrus goes for a spike, Drew hits the Future shock to win.


A recap of Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy, and the lack of a finish, leads to an announcement of an update on Jeff.


Maria talks about this being her reign. Strange that she hated the Bella problem when Billy’s booking her like one.


An ad for AJ Styles: WWE Wrestler.


TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money talking about The Decay. Though we see TNA Ghost Bobby Roode is thinking about TakeOver.


Maria talks about re-making the Knockout division. Hey, remember when women’s wrestling mattered here? Well Gail Kim say it’s a sad day. After bickering for a bit, we remember what the band Fear said, the mouth don’t stop. Well, Maria makes Gail vs. Rosemary. Gail starts with an assault on Rosemary, but Rosemary manages to take the advantage. This includes a suplex, and unique submission work. Rosemary stays on Gail until trying to kiss Crazzy Steve. This leads to Gail’s figure-four on the post, and several quick maneuvers. Gail goes for a pin, but distractions by Steve and Maria lead to Rosemary using the mist to end this match.


Eli Drake says he will name the dummies on Fact of Life. It may be the person that possibly lost her promotion to a company employing two guys that fans hate.


Jeff walking funny leads to Drake talking about dummies, even having a button that says “dummy”. He starts by berating Jeff for jumping, as well, he does to Drew for having gold. He introduces Bro-Mans, who he calls dummies. Wearing matching glasses, they wonder about why they’re being called dummies. Drake say because Robbie E is teaming with Jesse Godderz, that Jesse made a mistake. They start talking about Grado. Then there’s more use of the button before Jesse gets ready to attack Drake. A punch by Drake doesn’t work to well. Then they call him a dummy. This was almost Mr. Anderson in this.


Abyss talks about things decaying. Perfect talk about this place.


EC3 talks about how he wants to win gold again, but he’s going to beat Bennett.


Beer Money vs. The Decay in a match RD Reynolds may need to talk about. Both teams brawl as the lights are darkened. This is Billy’s idea of shaking things up. Is NXT hiring? Beer money hang out in the ring, but are pulled out, and brawl some more. James Storm attacks Steve’s legs, but Abyss stops him. More brawling outside as Steve rolls Roode in while Abyss throws weapons in. Roode tries hitting Abyss with a kendo stick, but the previous assault leaves him open for Abyss to turn it around, leading to him and Steve sending him into a chair wedged into the corner. Turning their attention to Storm, Abyss sends Steve into the air to splash Storm, but Storm uses a chair. Beer Money send Steve outside, and use a team assault on Abyss going into break. AJ Styles: Possible WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Back from break, Storm avoids a barbed-wire board, and Steve goes in it. Abyss knocks Beer Money down, and breaks out thumb-tacks. Abyss hits a black hole slam, but only gets two. Roode rolls out of the way of Rosemary’s mist, and Storm spits beer in her face. Abyss is hit with a beer bottle, but only two. Stoem goes to fly, but Steve sends him through a table. Roode is recovering, and goes to hit a Roodebomb on the tacks, but a Rosemary low-blow, and Abyss chokeslam through the tacks send Roode to Florida full-time.


A recap of TNA King of the Mountain Champion and TNA Ghost Eric Young attacking Bram, who seems to re-sign every two hours, leads to Bram saying he’ll beat Young tonight.


Bennett talks about looking to take everything from EC3 tonight.


After Young berates Bram, Bram runs out and brawls with him. Bram uses a “BAAAAAAAACK-BODY DROP”! Bram then goes for a Brighter Side of Suffering off the apron, but Young grabs a bit of beard. As Young goes for a weapon, Bram pulls him out from under the ring. Young uses a low-blow, and a trashcan top before grabbing a table. Then Young hits Bram with the lid for two. Being in the seat, Young briefly uses a dragon sleeper, but Bram battles ahead. Bram goes for a superplex, but Young sends him off the top and elbow drops him. When Young goes for a piledriver onto the table, Bram low-blows, and hits the Brighter Side of Suffering into it to win.


Drew tells Booby Lashley he’ll be ready for him next week.


Jeff limps out to the ring. He says it was worth taking the risk because of what Matt had been doing, and he hopes it makes him think. Reby and Spud ask Jeff if he knows what he did. Spud says Jeff destroyed Matt, and that he will pay. Reby keeps with this whole Jeff hurt Matt thing as fans yell “Please shut up”. She spits and slaps before Jeff grabs her arm. Spud attacks the bad leg, but gets a twist of fate.


EC3 vs. Bennett main events. After a feeling-out, both men chase each other before EC3 sends Bennett outside, and into the rail. EC3 proceeds to chop Bennett before getting him inside. EC3 goes to bodyslam, but Bennett uses a rake, and sends EC3 outside. After assaulting EC3 for a bit, Bennett sends EC3 back inside. Working on EC3’s hair, Bennett tries to focus on EC3 in the corners. EC3 uses several big hits to get Bennett on the ground. EC3 tries for a 1%er, but Bennett reverses. EC3 gets him back down, and prepares to fly. But this end up in a fight on the top as EC3 sends Bennett down, and crossbodys him. As both men try to get to their feet, both of them end up in a yay/boo. EC3 hits a TK3, and Bennett hits a cutter, but both get two. EC3 is his several times with Bennett’s chair. EC3 reverses a Miracle in Progress into a 1%er, which has Maria push referee Earl Hebner. EC3 then uses the chair on Bennett before using a cobra clutch, but Bennett uses the ropes to get a pin.


Quite an evening of action. But there needs to be something that two alleged bullies can’t provide. Until next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Impact Review 4/19/2016

Before we begin, our thoughts go out to the families of Blackjack Mulligan, and Balls Mahoney. A shame to lose both. And a Happy Birthday to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Still missed.


Between moving to a warehouse, we f---ing told boob Gaburick to make sure the TV was hooked up. Bastard. Well anyway, this is the mast show before we have to welcome the Harris Brothers. We need to save them before Lashley shows what he thinks.


After seeing Both Hardys separately proceed to enter the building, we get TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky vs. Marti Bell vs. Rebel vs. Maria. Winner literally runs the Division. The Triple-H Invitational. The two remaining Dollhouse members run things while Maria waits to climb. Gail stops her before Jade takes the lead. Another quick sequence sees Gail stop Maria from leaving. Then The Decay assault Gail for some purpose. The Beautiful People use the ladder on the remaining three. After a return by Maria, Marti powerbombs Jade, then Maria hits Velvet with a kendo stick, and grabs the contract. Ok match with a meh end.


A recap of Bobby Lashley assaulting TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway leads to Drew calling out Lashley tonight.


An ad for AJ Styles: WWE Star.


Maria seems high given how much she likes the paper.


After seeing Gail being carried by The Decay, Drew tries calling out Lashley, only to get here instead Rockstar Spud. Spud says Drew is so beaten up, he can become Champion. He then talks about Matt Hardy winning tonight. Drew interrupts, but coked-up Spud says Drew was warned. Finding Tyrus bringing himself down. Tyrus says Drew’s ribs are a target. He is glad to make sure he’s not in a King Hippo reference. After a goad by Tyrus, Drew will be defending next week he says. Drew says the fans are sick of the talking, and goes after Spud, resulting in Tyrus attacking. Josh Mathews again uses a phrase in a manner that it is not meant for as Tyrus splashes Drew.


Matt seems to have forgotten WW’s I & II when putting over his match tonight.


The Decay seem to have doped Gail to keep her out this long. We may need some.


TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee vs. Eddie Edwards vs. DJZ. Edwards running things early before Lee sends Edwards out, and is brutalizing DJZ like management did for his surgery. Despite his best attempts, DJZ is beaten down outside. Edwards gets Lee back in, and surges along against Lee. It is DJZ that aims to gain momentum, but Gregory Shane Helms stops him. As Edwards tries to end the match, Andrew Everett helps Lee end the match.


TNA This Belt Still Exists Here Champion and TNA Ghost Eric Young, with Bram Has Re-Signed, says he is going to be changing wrestling. It’s not by staying here.


Helms says he’s sparking the X-Division. We almost forgot we booked this.


After Young refers to people as idiots like it’s Twitter, he says he’s leaving TNA with his belt. Bram won’t leave with him. We’re turning Bram face, why, no one knows. Bram challenges him to a match. But Young low-blows him, and piledrives him. Then he grabs a chair and scissors, and trims the beard.


Jeff Hardy seems to be Commando-style ready tonight.


Mike Bennett belittles Ethan Carter III as he wears a shirt of Maria making several Japanese photographers feel like men. This brings out EC3, who says that he beat Bennett up. EC3 backhandedly talks about how he and Bennett are similar. Bennett basically tells EC3 they are done fighting. But EC3 says it’s not done. This is repeated a few more times before EC3 makes a challenge next week at Sacrifice in a no-DQ match. The match is on.


The Decay have Gail bound. Boy this is escalating quickly.


Advertising Styles again not being here.


Al Snow is yelling at fans about how wrestling used to be. Mahabali Shera emerges to wrestle. Snow assaults him while yelling no one can stop him. Shera starts to become enraged, and becomes a powerful force with several moves, and sends the match outside. Snow rolls under the ring, and emerges behind Shera, attacks him, and sends him out of the ring. As Snow punches Shera out of, and inside, the ring, he goes for a pin, but only gets two. Shera again delivers a dominant offense into several punches. Snow grabs a taped-up metal loop from his gear, and hits Shera when referee Earl Hebner isn’t looking, and gets a pin.


Rosemary talks about a sacrifice. If Only Steve Austin would stop this.


Eli Drake ready to name names next week in Fact of Life. Be careful, Mr. Anderson did an interview segment only once.


The Decay talk about pawns and TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money in the ring as Gail screams. TNA Ghost Bobby Roode says all The Decay had to do was ask. They only will let Gail safely leave if the match is something they say is the Valley of Shadows. Another overbooked wonder from us.


Next week is Drew vs. Tyrus, EC3 vs. Bennett, Young vs. Bram, and Beer Money vs. Decay.


Matt vs. Jeff. “I Quit”. Both men start by brawling. We get a quick yay/boo early. Jeff locks in a figure-four, but Matt won’t give up. Both men reverse before Spud attacks. But Jeff powerbombs him. Matt is able to punch Jeff to the outside. Matt slams Jeff’s face into the steps and apron. Jeff sends Matt into the ringpost, and clotheslines him over the rail. When Jeff is about to jump over, Matt hits him with a chair going into break. Back from break, and Matt chokes Jeff with the rail. Jeff reverses, and stretches Matt’s arm with it. They now fight off to the production guys. Matt blocks a pip using a ringbell, then uses a light as a weapon. Matt then uses yet another chair to choke Jeff, but Jeff won’t quit. Matt tries using it to assist his twist of fate, but Jeff bites Matt’s hand, and uses the chair to hit him several times. Jeff then flies from a staircase onto Matt. He then uses several rails as a table and sets up a ladder next to it. Jeff punces away after putting Matt on the rail. Jeff makes his way up, but Matt is able to get up and stop him. Matt then hits a side effect onto the rail. Jeff doesn’t quit. Matt lay Jeff onto tables. Jeff grabs him into a sleeper. Matt is not quitting. In fact, he seems to have passed out. Whether Jeff thinks that it’s a ploy, or wants to hear Matt say it, Jeff then looks to the staircase, where he swanton bombs from it. We see referees emerge followed by Gaburick. Jeff sits up, but Matt is getting stretchered, ending the show.


Tune in next week for inconclusive finishes and weird new bald guys.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

WrestleMania 32: Everything's Bigger in Texas, Even the Disappointment

WrestleMania 32 was billed as the biggest WrestleMania ever. WWE would talk about how for weeks it was a #FreeWrestleMania to new WWE network subscribers, and even Forbes Magazine said it would out-perform half-developmental, half competition NXT TakeOver Dallas. With such praise like that, one would think WWE would feel the brutal pressure to fulfil such a lofty promise.

WrestleMania 32 to many couldn’t have been anymore dead if it rode through Dealey Plaza. Now, it’s not worse than WrestleMania 27, but that’s also like saying flat Pepsi is better than generic cola. In any instance, we are going to run down the main show. All photos belong to unless otherwise noted.


We start with the Intercontinental Championship Match. Champion Kevin Owens defending the Championship against Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sami Zayn, Sin Cara, Stardust, and Zack Ryder in a ladder match. The match has the usual great ladder match moments, and was a pretty safe bet to get the crowd going.

The feud that many are watching for was Owens vs. Zayn, but they won’t be the ones winning this match. It would be the fan favorite, but unlikely, Ryder. Even if everyone knew he may likely lose it the next night, it is still a great moment to be sure. It will be the only good one for a while.


Next up was AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho. WWE paid a metric crap-ton of cash to bring Styles back out of Japan, and actually built him up well going into this match. And given that Jericho was mainly used to put new guys over at big moments, this should mean an easy win to get the crowd going…
Strangely, WWE don’t go that route. The guy fans made dad in midlife crisis jokes about for four years, and spends more time on his back than a star for Wicked Pictures, gets the win. Sure Styles would beat him the next night on RAW, but everyone remembers the headline, never the page 13 retraction. The fans need a face win, and fast if WWE has any hope of a positive reaction to the main event.


WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day  make their entrance out of a giant cereal box, wearing Dragonball Z-inspired entrance attire. They are over and WWE knows it…
And this means that their opponents, The League of Nations, a group that gets so little heat, we may need to hire them to keep our beer cold, get the win. If the fans are to be happy, they need The New Day to at least win a fight after this…
Instead we get Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin to clean house...

And have Austin stun Xavier Woods. We’re guessing this means Austin won’t be on Up, Up, Down, Down to play Far Cry Primal. Again, faces win next night. Again, too late to matter.


The Streetfight pitting Brock Lesnar against Dean Ambrose should be promising. Ambrose spent the last few weeks getting several weapons from hardcore legends. Including Foley’s bat, Terry Funk’s saw, and we suspect New Jack gave him something we promised someone we’d never mention here.

The match saw some offense by Ambrose, but sadly, it is mostly Lesnar. The only fight we saw that was more one-sided than this was Arnold Schwarzenegger asking Bill Paxton for a shirt.


Ahh the Hall of Fame inductees. We’d make a joke, but Sting referenced Robocop, and Joker Sting the night before, Thank You Sting.


The triple threat to determine the new WWE Womens Champion is up next. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks. If you’ve been watching so far, you know the least over person is winning.

And you are correct sir/ma’am. This match is great almost through and through. With the three wrestlers showing WWE somewhat understands what fans want out of this division. But despite Sasha being the most over womens wrestler on the main show, as well as an entrance involving Snoop Dogg, WWE piss-izzled that away by having Ric Flair help his daughter to win as usual. We’d say the rule books say that a heel’s normal tactics need to backfire at WrestleMania, but someone forgot the book at home.


We now have The Undertaker, the man who’s WrestleMania appearances used to mean something much greater than your standard part-time guy, battling in a Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon, who in storyline would take over RAW if he won. Fans knew even with the confusing story going into this match, that it at least wouldn’t suck.

In a match that for some is a great throwback, and to others a watered-down memory notable for one spot, Undertaker would preserve his streak-less WrestleMania appearances while Shane would not be running RAW. Awesome? Though Shane would still run the show for a night the next night. Still the most logical part of the booking in this feud.


Up next is the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Sure this match has been botched twice already, but give it faith.

Is that Shaquille O’Neal? Well he may be able to do something good.

Did he and The Big Show both get eliminated first? Well hopefully a young wrestler wins.

Baron Corbin wins. Ok, 1/3 ain’t bad.


Here are the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. We have dancers on a show with nonsensical booking, and the Champion is in his mid-40s. Are we sure they didn't put a Nitro on the feed by mistake? Oh well, this show should be ending real…

We get The Rock with a flamethrower. We’re betting WWE hopes to get Halloween Havoc 1998’ed.

After Rock burns his own name. No, he isn’t putting Roman Reigns over in this promo, he talks about the inflated attendance record. This brings out Bray Wyatt and the healthy members of his family. Boy Rock ain’t scared. In fact…

He’s wearing his gear underneath his clothes. We imagine he was going to wrestle someone, even if it was a random vendor.

Oh, and because Rock won’t get clearance to wrestle as long as he’s filming, he “wrestles” by pinning Erick Rowan in six seconds. Three seconds faster than Bundy pinned Jones, 23 seconds if you live in real life. The Wyatts now have Rock cornered. One man can prevent us from having to make a hate crime joke…

And his name is John Cena. Sure, he may not be cleared to wrestle, but everyone knows he would no-sell death to be here. Is the show almost over yet? Thankfully, it is.


First, Stephanie, McMahon, dressed like the maitre’d at a leather bar, tells fans they, and this show, belong to The Authority. This is the most honest thing she said since revealing the intentions behind the Warrior Award. She introduces WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple-H...

Oh yes, he’s Champion in 2016. Any wonder toward why ratings are down? Not one bit. Speaking of which, glad he brought creative with him.

Reigns seems to be using the entrance a lot lately. Surely what reason would WWE have of not having Reigns and fans in the same shot? Well, you’ll find out.
Both men meander through what must feel like the Lena Headey walk of shame minus the nudity. Despite the mics on the crowd being turned down, fans booing can still be heard. There are reports from inside Jerryland that chants for Shinsuke Nakamura and Zayn, who oddly enough wrestled at TakeOver, can be heard. In addition, fans are filing to beat traffic, and even chanting for Fandango. Here’s an audio representation of that last part.

The only time fans had any sort of positive reaction to Reigns was when he gave Steph the safest spear we’ve ever seen. We may not be high on seeing men hitting women too often, but if it is to be done, it should only be by those who can make it look like anything other than a running hug.

After Reigns wins, the fans boo a whole lot more. Because of this, most of the shots of Reigns with the Championship don’t show the fans. It’s as if they know.


Many think WWE booked this show badly on purpose to punish fans. While this may be a possibility, it certainly is a bad one given this was in front of at least 85,000 fans, and many using their one month of free WWE network may feel the need to say no to paying for it. As for Forbes Magazine’s prediction, what did TakeOver have you may ask? Well, they had…

Zayn vs. Nakamura…

American Alpha winning the NXT Tag Team Championships

Asuka becoming NXT Womens Champion…

Bobby Roode, who left TNA while Impact is still airing footage of him as one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions…

And NXT Finn Balor defeating Samoa Joe in the most anticipated main event of the week.

Well, guess we can finally say what the real must-see event for wrestling in April is now.

Impact Revenge Review 4/5/2016

After what many say is the best WrestleMania in Dallas ever, we have our revenge.


A recap of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway retaining over Jeff Hardy, and the different matches made tonight leads to TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young berating everyone before his cage match with Jeff. Jeff, armed with a table, fights off both Young and Bram briefly, the team however isolate him. Jeff reverses a piledriver, thought Bram attacks him around the ring. Jeff pushes Bram into the cage wall, then goes after Young. Bram recovers, and gets the table into the ring while Young gets chairs in. We have TCC so far. The match finally begins in the cage. Jeff prevents Bram from entering going into break. DVD for AJ Styles: WWE star. Back from break, both men brawl as Bram looks for a way to be locked up. As Young has Jeff down, he wedges a chair into the corner. Both men fight to avoid the weapon before Jeff finally sends Young through it. Jeff only gets two. Jeff sends him through again, and sets up the table in the opposite corner. Jeff tries to splash Young, but Young rolls out of the way. After beating Jeff down, and sending him along every corner, Young gets hit with several moves of doom. Jeff throws one of the numerous chairs on Young, then sets up several to give Young a twist of fate through, but Young reverses for a piledriver that misses them. Jeff kicks out, and both men fight along the wall before Jeff sends Young onto the rope. Jeff then hits two twist of fates before kicking Bram off the cage, and setting up and hitting Young with a swanton bomb off the top of the cage with a commando-like instinct to win.


Dixie trying to settle the issue of who the #1 contender against TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim. She decides both anointed wrestlers in Madison Rayne and Jade.


John Cena’s new show advertised here. We’d say WWE infiltrated, but we think he’s a fan.


Jeff with the kind of ice we prefer he has. He says he’ll watch the main event.


Matt Hardy walking to the ring shows a recap of Ethan Carter III and Jeff not winning the gold, but Drew does. This brings Drew down for what each man will say before their match tonight. Nother recap of Drew retaining last week brings us to their words. Drew says it’s a mistake to call these the last words, because Matt never shuts up. Matt says he should still have the gold. Matt maintains he should still be Champion. He talks about how he is more like one than Drew. He says Drew is a thief who can’t beat him. Matt promises he will regain the Championship. Drew responds by saying he has passion for wrestling, that he doesn’t play a character. He goes meta by saying Matt uses his own son as a prop. When Drew tries mentioning Jeff, Matt interrupts by saying he’s not like his brother. Drew responds that that is true because everyone likes Jeff. Drew says he will prove he is the best wrestler. After these words, Tyrus adds that he may use his shot at the Heavyweight World Championship of the World. Or he may turn.


The Pope is ready to fight Bobby Lashley tonight.


EC3 tells Tyrus he hasn’t forgotten that it was he that cost EC3, and karma is waiting.


Lashley and The Pope start their brawl with a surprise attack as The Pope is walking down. Lashley gets The Pope in the ring, and throws him around. Lashley keeps throwing The Pope before suplexing him several times before stopping to taunt everyone. Lashley spears The Pope against the ropes and throws him outside. The Pope has time to breathe, as he throws several weapons Lashley’s way. The Pope then uses a kendo stick several times in and out of the ring. Including a low-blow and a leg-sweep.  More offense than Dean Ambrose had at WrestleManiaAs The Pope goes to jump off the top, Lashley spears to win. After the match, Lashley spears The Pope again two more times as EC3 emerges to stop the brutality. Lashley walks away. After this, Mike Bennett assaults EC3 with chair shots.


A recap of the last match brings EC3 calling Bennett a knock-off, and is demanding Bennett, and telling Maria to shut up and bring her husband out. Bennett takes offense to being called a knock-off. They argue about why one of them exists before talking about EC3 having become someone different from who he was. EC3 make a challenge for a fight. Despite being refused, EC3 chases away and they fight. Their brawl makes it to the parking lot as Bennett drives away after hitting EC3 with a tire iron.


Tyrus talks to Rockstar Spud, who seems like he got into Scarface’s stash, about strategy. Spud says he doesn’t need help.


Gail faces Madison and Jade in a triple threat. No one’s dad is here, so you know the finish will be better. Boy, Cena’s show bought a lot of air time. Styles again in WWE. The faces start by teaming against Jade. Gail then starts to fight Madison before Jade suplexes Gail. Both challengers brawl briefly before Gail gets back in. Gail keeps both of them on their toes by sending them outside. As Madison and Jade brawl outside, Maria hits Gail with the Championship. When Jade gets back in, she is able to win.


Drew says it doesn’t matter who he faces, he will be winning.


Gregory Shane Helms hoping to hear Eddie Edwards accepts his offer. We think he may be a lone wolf.


A recap of Al Snow attacking Grado and Mahabali Shera, and breaking Grado’s arm leads to Belly saying Snow shouldn’t have done that, and is suspended without pay for a week, and has to apologize. Ok.


Helms, with TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee, wants to hear Edwards’ answer.  Edwards thanks him for giving him a week. Helms wants to hear the answer. Edwards says he knows the reason he wants to tag with Edwards because of the instant rematch against TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer (Left For More) Money. Edwards refuses. Helms gets ready to fight before James Storm and TNA Ghost Bobby Roode make the save, and mock the green leather jacket. After Edwards leaves, Storm talks about how they’ll beat whoever’s next. This brings out The Decay, who talk about taking the Championships soon. Storm is ready to fight. This brings both teams to brawl. Roode fights in the ring with Abyss, while Storm brawls with Crazzy Steve.


Matt delivers final words after what’s supposed to be final words. He should see Tyrus behind him.


Roode is so mad, he might quit. They tell every team watching, they will defend next week.


Drew facing Matt, and possibly Tyrus, is the main event. Tyrus acts like he’s using his shot, but doesn’t, allowing an early attack by Matt. Drew gets some offense in, but Matt resumes the attack going into break. Back from break, both men brawl before Matt hits a side effect on the apron. Spud attacks as Josh Mathews forgets what a ring rat is. Matt gets Drew back in, and delivers a few hits before Drew shows offense. Matt is back in this before a yay/boo. Drew begins chopping away before giving a belly-to-belly suplex. When Drew tries to go off the top, Matt reverses with a gutwrench suplex. Matt then fakes an injury so Spud is able to attempt something. After Drew hits Spud, Matt hits Drew with his boot, but gets two. Matt’s attempt to fly sees a future shock. Tyrus pulls the referee out, but is hit by Jeff. Matt hits a twist of fate, but only two. Matt tries again, but Drew locks in the Iron Maiden. Matt is not able to play with madness, and has to tap.


An interesting show this week. An over face wins in the main event. We should try this more often. Until next week..

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quik Picks: WrestleMania 32

  • A few quick predictions
  • Reigns wins the match in front of 40,000 fans, Ambrose is the going to make a new shocked WM fan, Shane wins despite not likely to be on soon Sasha thanks Snoop for her win, Owens prepares for his next defense Styles gets the standard win over Jericho, Wyatt wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and is not seen again for a while, The New Day has bad news for a King, The Usos win possibly the only match with Samoans all 100,000 will see, Brie wins for Bryan, Kalisto beats Goldberg.
Have fun.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Impact Review 3/29/2016

Last week saw a problem beyond normal control. This week, we help you let off some stream. 
A recap of Jeff Hardy becoming #1 Contender against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway leads to Matt Hardy and company. Matt protests, and demands a rematch. This results in Mike Bennett walking down the aisle. Bennett says Matt should relax. Usually, someone has to say let off some steam Bennett. Bennett makes his case toward getting a shot. Reby starts to get ready to fight. Good thing Kong’s gone. Matt says Bennett has no honor, and is below him. Bennett says he used to respect Matt. Matt say Bennett is as bad as Ethan Carter III. EC3 calls Matt, Tyrus, and Rockstar Spud bitches, and prays in order to mock Bennett. Bennett blows a gasket over the display, and refuses to wrestle EC3. EC3 retorts by mocking Bennett’s hair, and demands a match. Matt acts like he’s accepting, but makes a challenge of EC3 vs. everyone in Matt’s group save for Maxel. EC3 accepts. 
EC3 starts by taking care of Tyrus and Spud, but Reby distracts him, giving Tyrus the window. Tyrus uses a bodyslam, and several more power moves before tagging in Spud. Tyrus and Spud use a team assault as Bennett watches. Matt tags in, and allows Reby to slap EC3. Spud tags in, and resumes his teaming with Tyrus. EC3 tries gaining ground, but Spud tags in. Once Matt is back in, EC3 is able to kick it in gear. When Spud is in, he’s caught in a cobra clutch. Bennett attacks for a DQ. This leads to TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer (Left for more) Money to make the save. They make a 6-man tag between EC3 and themselves against Matt, Bennett, and Tyrus. James Storm attacks briefly, but the heels are able to keep him separated, and make him a drinking Ricky Morton. Through the break in communications, Storm tags in TNA Ghost Bobby Roode, who is cleaning up until Bennett interferes. EC3 chases Bennett away. Despite Beer Money fighting through brutality, they find themselves beaten by the team we may have win the belts. 
A recap of TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim wrestling Jade leads to finding out Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne will determine the #1 Contender. 
BroMans are amped for teaming leads to Eli Drake saying “You can’t quit, you’re fired”. 
Velvet vs. Madison starts with Velvet trying a quick roll-up. Madison uses a few quick moves before Velvet locks in a chinlock. Madison is able to get out, and they now battle in the corner. Velvet uses a her moves of doom, and goes for a facebuster, but Madison uses a jackknife to win. After the match, Velvet hints at turning. 
Drew says Jeff is one of the best, but Drew will be winning. 
The Pope is in the ring to address the assault by Bobby Lashley recently. He says he was trying to do the right thing, which leads to Lashley coming out. Lashley demands an apology, which leads to The Pope talking about starting in wrestling together. And because Lashley attacked him, he’s challenging Lashley. Lashley threatens The Pope to leave the ring, which leads to The Pope attacking. This leads to a major brawl between them. 
A recap of Jeff’s win leads to Jeff admitting Drew’s younger, but Jeff has made a career of being an underdog. 
We see The Decay have another video. Guess they haven’t wrestled yet. 
Matt seems to hint he’s getting involved. 
TNA King of the Mountain Champion TNA Ghost Eric Young says he is the most dangerous man in wrestling, then says Bram of multi-year contract fame screwed things up. He rambles for a bit before BroMans interrupt. Jesse Godderz says they will beat both men. The match begins with BroMans separating their opponents, but Bram is able to use a vicious side to get his team back in this. Bram curs off Robbie E’s breathing and keeps him against his will. But once Jesse tags in, he brutalizes Bram until Young tags in. After a miscommunication by the heels, Jesse uses this to get a win. 
A recap of Grado’s win has him talking about CM Punk and Colt Cabana attending his party, until Al Snow attacks him. 
TNA x-Division Champion Trevor Lee is not dead. Gregory Shane Helms now calls out Eddie Edwards. Helms puts over The Wolves, to which Edwards thanks him, but says that he’s going to have to focus on singles action at the moment. Helms tries to offer Edwards a team with him. Helms gives Edwards a week to think about it. 
A recap of The Pope and Lashley brawling leads to The Pope challenging Lashley to fight next week. 
Drew vs. Jeff main events. Both men start by feeling out before Drew uses a suplex. After references to Matt and EC3 are made, the attention turns to Jeff sending Drew outside the ring, and slingshotting onto him going into break. Back from break, Drew tries fighting back. Jeff uses a whisper in the wind to stem Drew’s assault. Jeff hits the twist of fate, and goes for a swanton bomb. Drew picks the ankle, and delivers a superplex. Drew then hits a claymore, but only gets two. Drew then goes for a super powerslam, but Jeff sends Drew to the mat. Jeff hits a second twist of fate, then a swanton bomb. Amazingly, this only gets two. When Drew goes outside, Jeff lands on him. Jeff gets Drew back into the ring, but can’t get three. Jeff then puts Drew on the steps outside, and goes for a third swanton bomb. This time, Drew gets the knees up. After Drew gets them both into the ring, he hits the future shock to win. After the match, both men shake hands before Matt walks out. Matt promises he will get what he deserves. He adds he weshes Jeff had won, so he would be defeating him for the belt. Matt says next week is called revenge, and he gets a TNA Championship rematch. Drew says Matt is good at pissing him off. Drew says he is willing to defend right now. This leads to Young and Bram attacking the faces. Drew gives two claymores to Young and Bram as Jeff hits a twist of fate on Matt. Jeff says his feud with Young ends next week in a cage. 
 A decent week, hopefully we are going to get Dixie to agree to sell as much as possible. Until next week.