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Monday, May 4, 2015

Erick Rowan to Turn Heel After Six Months of Kinda Existing

Photo Credit: WWE
To sum up the last year of Erick Rowan's WWE lifespan: was still a Wyatt henchman until being subtly freed, at which time he revealed he was a MENSA-level genius that won awards for winemaking (while still wearing his Duke Droese tribute coveralls). This was interesting for about two minutes, and then he resumed life inspiring more silence from the thousands than a Head of State's funeral.

Beefcake Allegedly Forging Hogan's Signature

If Brutus Beefcake was Hulk Hogan's 'friend-to-the-end', perhaps the end may be near.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Michelle Beadle's Done Watching WWE (So....See Her Next Week?)

Getty Images
We've all threatened to quit watching WWE at some point, and most of our kneejerk tantrums last for the duration of a morning shower. Michelle Beadle, WWE superfan and ESPN personality, announced her intention to quit supporting the company for reasons beyond nerve-wracking booking.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Impact Review 5/1/2015

Back again for another Impact broadcast. We’ll let you in on a secret. Unlike RAW, which thanks to the constant need for e-writes that leave a pile of crumpled run sheets almost as high as Tommy DeVito’s snot-covered hotel towels, we just write one disjointed sheet and run with it. Maybe that’s why the quality’s there. We actually have to commit to our move. With WWE, unless the match or segment is happening on TV, they have the “My Finger’s Still on the Piece” mentality. Remember, commit to your stumbles. Speaking of which, the show’s starting. Hardcore Justice: The event that really sounded like a porn movie even before it had the “Core” added.

After Years of Working Stiff, Jericho Learns to Work Light

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When Chris Jericho reminisced in his second book about his match with Steve Austin at No Way Out 2002, Jericho noted Austin's proclivity toward taking most of the match for himself. In that Jericho feud, it made the then-Undisputed Champion look weaker than, well, Jericho himself when lobbing softball questions at the most powerful woman in wrestling.

McMahon Feels Derek Vinyard Didn't Know How to Work

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If this is true, it's totally shocking that 'oh yeah, concussions are bad, too' would take a backseat to a McMahon gut feeling.