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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy birthday WrestleCrap

Eric Gargiulo was the first person to really make me believe I had a knack for writing, but it was RD Reynolds that let me spill my inner madness when he brought me on board with WrestleCrap in January 2011.

Gradually, I became, at one point, the most frequent contributor/administrator for the site while RD navigated through his life away from the web, and his constant encouragement, praise and thanks is what made it worthwhile. I've had, and still have, a number of great editors and mentors, but RD stands on his own special platform. Most sites expected straight-forward wrestling talk from me, which I was eager to give. RD, however, encouraged me to have fun, a simple approach that worked like a charm. Nothing I've written anywhere else is like what I've written for WrestleCrap.

I'm especially proud of my Count of 10 interviews with the likes of Stevie Richards, Danny Doring, Bob Holly, and even Jameson (yes, THAT Jameson), but also of my Headlies creations (my admittedly-esoteric take on Kayfabe News) and The Meme Event, crudely-captioned photos of the just-finished episodes of Raw. Meme Event became my identifier.

The best thing I've ever written for the 'Crap came in November 2013, the WrestleCrap Survivor Series, posted that Thanksgiving night. It's insane in its length (it took me six days to write), but it's an entire old-school Survivor Series blow-by-blow with WrestleCrap inductees working the matches. Try slogging through the whole thing here, you may laugh:

In closing, WrestleCrap was a site that first inspired me when I discovered it in September 2000, and it was essential after-school reading on Fridays, designed to kick off my weekend with a hearty laugh. Today, while I contribute less frequently, it's still a source of many laughs, and I'm thrilled that RD has kept it going. If the IWC ever has its own Hall of Fame, RD needs to go in. Otherwise, it'll be what the WWE Hall of Fame was for years without Savage. I'm sure Deal would even wear a feathered cowboy hat to his induction, too.

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