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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NXT Review 5/6/2015

Well the last few days have been weird and hardly slow with news. RAW was good, Vince McMahon may be showing a health decline. NXT got showcased on ESPN, Jarrett reveals a roster not many are amused by, and Vince Russo thinks Tank Abbot>Sami Zayn. Got all that? Well thankfully, the week’s half over. Which means we get NXT tonight. Now without any further delay, on to the show.

Emma vs. Charlotte. Bram knows she's the true Royal Charlotte. A competitive match until a cheap shot puts Emma in control. At this point Bram looked at us like we booked this match. Co-Tweet #1 of the night from @ShroomMeister: Wow, #WWENXT starts with Emma of all people. Wearing @FloydMayweather's new shirt. #WWENXT #MidWeekWar Charlotte rallies for natural selection. Bram’s happy. Co-Tweet #2 of the night from @ReBourneAgain: Charlotte went Triple H in 02-04 (beat up the whole match, suddenly wins) After the match Bayley comes out. She hugs Emma before sending her to Suplex City. Charlotte has to break it up.

Becky promo. Becky busted her ass to be a wrestler. She showed she could’ve sent a video holding a toy belt with the tag #ToughEnough

Promo for Warrior DVD.  Of all the people to eulogize Warrior, it had to be Warrior.

Michael Cole interviews NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Owens says the assault on Zayn was personal because he has a family to provide for. Owens is aggravated by Cole’s lack of respect. Owens should’ve powerbombed him out of his shoe. To be serious, Owens cuts a great promo and, like his namesake, the late Owen Hart, he’s so good as a heel, he makes you forget how much of a family man he is.

Bull Dempsey vs. @Rhyno313 Somewhere, Adam Rose is loading a rifle proclaiming the return of #KRUGAH Sadly short match with Rhyno winning with a gore. These two could’ve had a decent brawl if given more time. Rhyno cuts a promo making his intentions clear he wants to face Baron Corbin.

Sasha Banks cuts a promo equating herself with the late Fabulous Moolah. We hope this does not mean the return of Spider Lady.

Regal and Uhaa Nation before they give him his sl*Editor’s Note From Justin: You don’t want to read his joke. And frankly, I don’t need the lawsuit. Long story short they never called him by name, so expect him to be named Chad Singleton*

Dawson and Wilder vs. Enzo and Cass never happens. Blake and Murphy attack. We were deprived of Enzo’s promo. Bastards.

Cole now interviewing Zayn. Zayn says he’ll use mind games if he has too. Shame he didn’t say head games. We have loads of Foreigner puns we want to use. Zayn wants Owens next week to admit the real reason Owens attacked.

A recap the United States Championship match between John Cena and Zayn. Anyone that thought Cena was losing is insane.

Regal holds the contract signing for Banks vs. Lynch. Regal’s prepared for a brawl given referee former CZW Champion Drake Younger. Becky says along the way to becoming a wrestler, she was a stuntwoman and a flight attendant. A woman after our hearts. After the signatures were signed, Sasha assaults Becky. It’s weird to see Drake Younger shocked by a table being thrown. Becky fights back, getting the better of Sasha. Fun segment that set up the match very well.

Recap of Alex Riley getting whooped. Some of us can watch that all day. Riley then stars in a video message. The video quality seems like he's introducing us to Jackass. Between the fans liking him whooped, and liking Zayn, he feels like he may not be returning for a while. Co-Tweet #3 of the night from @smadAnoremaC Did Alex Riley just make a tough enough video

Dana Brooke cuts a promo uses whack a lot, says she’s running Charlotte out of NXT, then pats Devin on the head. Some improvement over last week.

Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami in their best of 90 series with Finn Balor watching. A good match, but they’ve wrestled more than if this were booked by WWE2K15. Back and forth action between both men. We’re just waiting for Balor to make his presence felt to the other two men he faces at Takeover. Fans are chanting go to sleep. Which either means they want a new move or Vince found fans that hate the show. Balor gets accidentally kicked by Itami, who then defeats Breeze. Balor staring at his friend who’s trying to apologize. Breeze attacks Itami before being briefly run off. He returns to kick both men to end this great night.

So ends another great night of action. The synergy between storyline and match was at a much better balance, and shows why Triple-H has fans attention for a few more years. We will see you to discuss whatever we have planned for our own broadcast. Until next time.

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