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Thursday, June 25, 2015

NXT Review 6/24/2015

Another week, another reason Vince must hate his son-in-law. No other introduction needed.

The show starts off with the roster paying tribute to Dusty. Triple-H, looking obviously busted up, says Dusty was a family member. Seeing NXT Champion Kevin Owen busted up is very surreal. The bell is run 10 times. You better believe everyone is silent.

Hideo Itami comes out with his arm in a sling. A recap plays of Itami injured in the parking lot while Owens calls it a shame. He says he can’t wait to return to the ring, and adds NXT is popular in Japan, and he will challenge Owens or Finn Balor. Owens then emerges, fighting through his emotions for a moment, then mocks Itami for not being able to wrestle. Owens says Itami will be there to see Owens beat Balor. A rare stumble be Owens is covered by mocking Itami’s English. He makes it clear he will leave Japan as Champion, and that he had nothing to do with Itami’s injury because he’d do worse. Owens wants an apology from Itami for referring to him a bad person. Itami refuses to apologize. This leads to Owens walking down to attack him. Balor makes the save, but gets attacked by Rhyno, who’s pink and black tights made us think Bret Hart jumped Balor.

A hype video for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar. We hope they don’t humanize Lesnar anymore. We’re not sure he is human.

We now will have Balor vs. Rhyno in the main event.

Enzo and Big Cass vs. Jason Jordan and Sylvester LeFort. Carmella’s 1980’s Kelly Bundy look is nice, the summer movie references not so much. Enzo and LeFort start this off. Though Enzo utilizes frequent tags early on. When Jordan tags in, you see his amateur acumen shine. He may be the star Shelton should’ve been for WWE. LeFort starts to use frequent tagging himself, but a miscommunication leads to Enzo rolling up Jordan. Back to find a new partner.

After a recap of last week’s brawl between Samoa Joe and Owens, we get a post-match interview where Joe says that because Owens got away, this was not the fight he wanted. We really want to see the rematch.

Dana Brooke now has gloves. We imagine she needs to wash them or we’ll know how hard she rubs backstage. Dana starts by patting her opponent, Cassie, on the head. Emma nearby looks heelish, but someing is a little off with her character. Dana uses the rope to gain the advantage with a slingshot. Dana is not perfect ringwise, but she’s getting better slowly. The crowd chants “Da… Na Sucks.” Somewhere, Xavier Woods is saying “Da… Na Rocks.” Cassie gets out of an armbar submission, and starts to battle back. When she tries to go off the turnbuckle however, Dana uses an elbow, followed by a modified piledriver to win.

Charlotte tells Devin Taylor that she will beat Dana when she gets the chance. Bram wants to help her train. Its likely his way back in.

We see Balor, rocking an Adventure Time shirt, meeting with Sami Zayn and building Legos. Stepping on one of those trains one for CZW. Balor likes Summerslam 1995. We don’t want to know why. Matt “Albert” Bloom and Balor talk about hitting it off in Japan, and remaining good friends. These are the wrestler/trainer stories you want to hear. Not those involving donuts. New Japan training is talked about as being intense. We’re not sure that’s why Haku is so tough, but possibly. Balor is shown with Bullet Club stuff. Now even WWE is not out of their reach. Next week talks about his time in NXT.

Bull Dempsey’s fat gimmick is sadly a thing. Though we’ll forgive him because of the “I Broke Wahoo’s Leg” t-shirt.

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are now the Hype Bros. Good thing Ryder isn’t teaming with Foley. Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins take them on. Rawley starts off against Dawkins, and shoulder tckles him multiple times before tagging in Ryder. Ryder is briefly dominated before Fulton tags in. Ryder is able to battle back enough to tag in Rawley, who seems like he did a few lines before his entrance. Dawkins is able to tag in and utilize amateur moves to keep Rawley in the middle of the ring for a time, but as soon as Rawley is able, he tags in Ryder. After a browski boot, Ryder tries for the pin before Fulton gets involved. After a brief brawl, Ryder and Rawley get the win.

William Regal is approached by Eva Marie. She explains she’s trained very hard, and wants a spot. Regal says he wants her to show him. While her delivery needs work, we heard she’s improved as a wrestler. So as the tag says, we’ll give her a chance.

Balor’s ad shown him in a suit and him as his demon interact. He and Owens are guaranteed to deliver.

Balor vs. Rhyno is our main event tonight. After Balor enters, Owens sits down at the table. Corey Gravs is dressed like a ska version of Ed Grimley. Balor strikes first, dominating Rhyno while Owens maintains he is not scared of Balor. Balor rams Rhyno’s head into the buckle before sending him outside for a flip over the top rope. Balor brings him back in for two before Rhyno battles back. Owens says he doesn’t know what holiday is on the 4th of July. Anyone that spends time with Dusty likely knows what day that is. Rhyno bearhugs Balor before elbowing him in the ribs. Owens brings Byron Saxon a good bit close and says Rich Brennan hit puberty. Balor is able to fight backwith a series of kicks. Rhyno is able to regain momentum with a suplex. As the fans yell “Let’s go Finn”, Balor gets his ribs struck further by Rhyno. Balor uses a well-placed Pele to take over. Owens starts walking down to distract Balor, but gets dropkicked. This is enough for Rhyno to suplex again. A gore however is blocked. After a sling blade and his coup de grace. Balor gets the win. Owens hits the ring and helps Rhyno to team up. Joe makes the save as the show ends.

A somewhat slow week, but one with feuds actually progressing. We wish that Billy would see that as how one books. Well that’s in for this week. Until next Wednesday.

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