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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Impact Review 11/18/2015

Another week toward the end… Of this tournament. This week, it’s on the bubble week. As we get closer to the actual tournament, many look to secure places.

A recap of last week’s misadventures, good matches, and other assorted action.

TNA Ghost Brooke vs. Awesome Kong starts the show. Brooke evades the power moves early on like we evade debt collectors, but Kong is able to throw her like Bram on a date. She then bends Brooke’s injured hand by twisting and stepping on it. Becky Lynch approves of this disarming. Brooke tries to get offense in after ducking a blow. Brooke now tries for a submission, but it is the power of Kong that helps her to kickout. Once Kong misses a splash, Brooke hits a butterfacemaker, but it only gets two. Brooke gets chokeslammed to give Kong 3 points. 6 points overall. Kong makes it in the tournament.

Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter III, both in better houses than many, talk about advancing. Matt says he faced three of the greatest wrestlers around to get here. EC3, with a photo of himself and Dixie says Matt wasn’t in a group of former TNA World Heavyweight Champions. Matt says he’s not afraid, and wants to face EC3. He adds there will be no controversy. EC3 speaking in a way Nick Bockwinkel would be proud of when he berates Matt and his family. EC3 adds he wants to face Matt. EC3 says he will be watching it burn. Likely means this place.

Eric Young says TNA Ghost James Storm shouldn’t show up here, and that he’s a shell. Guess someone hates not going with him.

A recap of EC3 going nuts means their interviews will be done separately.

TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. Manik starts off as a brawl from the ring to the ramp. They return to the ring, where Manik stomps on the arm. We hear there’s a big announcement about YouTube. Geuss where this show will broadcast. Manik uses the Three Amigos, then a backbreaker. Tigre Uno fights through a submission attempt, but is in another one right away. Tigre Uno finally gets some traction, leading to an assault on the legs of Manik. An attempt to go off the top leads to a desperation his by Manik. Many quick reversals leads to a lungblower by Manik. This time Tigre Uno stops a splash, he then gets a quick pin to go to 3 points. 6 points overall. This leads to what is essentially a reverse elimination match.

A quick video highlights Group TNA Originals and the matches they’ve had so far.

TNA Big Red Belt Champion Bobby Roode posts a video from his phone about how he’ll beat Abyss. This was likely done while going to GFW’s office/Jeff Jarrett’s garage.

Storm vs. Young starts with Young attacking Storm at the start going into break. Back from break, and Young is still on him. Boy this seems to be edited out of spite. Young brings him back in and works a submission hold before Storm tries getting out, but is sent back outside. As Storm battles out, he kicks Young in the head, neckbreakers him, then knees him in the head. Young ducks a superkick, but his piledriver attempt is reverses into an eye of the Storm. After a few moves, we get a ref bump, a and a piledriver from Young. Young goes to 3 points. 6 points overall. Storm’s run ends like that. At least he’s in NXT now.

Matt’s back, and says he wants to shove EC3’s words down his throat, and that he knows he is the one keeping EC3 up. He adds he knows he will be Champion again. We hope to have him win in our re-writes. Matt is asked who is winning the main event, he responds Roode, and hopes to face him in this tournament. We’ll see about writing it.

Aiden O’Shea vs. Mahabali Shera. This match is really happening. Aiden tries to use power on Shera, but Shera keeps throwing him into chinlocks. Aiden offers Shera a smoke. After it’s refused, Aiden attacks and stomps away. After Shera tries battling out, Aiden uses a flurry of punches. When Shera finally does take things back, Aiden attempts an eye-rake. Shera reverses to a sky high to get 3 points. 9 points overall. At least that’s over.

Young goes off about how he’ll keep winning. Honoring Charlie Sheen he is.

Eli Drake vs. Crimson. Crimson can’t move ahead, but he uses power early on to try and play spoiler. Drake takes advantage of Crimson’s shoulder. The way Drake attacks the shoulder leads to EC3 wanting his interview, and leaving when denied. Crimson fights out, and uses several power moves before Drake goes at the arm again. Going for an armbar, which gets him 3 points. 7 points overall.

EC3 says he’s not ok with not having the Championship, but he will be ok when he wins. EC3 says he takes the “theft” of his Championship, and is more obsessed with defeating the man that took his gold. When asked about who is winning between Bobby Lashley and TNA Ghost Austin Aries, he basically says he doesn’t care, and will be winning the tournament.

The Pope doesn’t think Micah will go on. He will be missed.

Abyss vs. Roode is the main event. The fans want Roode as both men figure out their strategy. Several moves reversed leads to Abyss taunting, and Roode mocking the taunt. Roode uses several quick moves, but Abyss’ power leads to a chokeslam attempt. Roode attacks the legs, but is Samoan dropped going into break. Back from break, Abyss sends everything outside. Abyss and Roode brawl for a bit before Abyss wedges a chair in the turnbuckles. Boy he uses weapons to a major fault. Roode rolls him up to get two. Roode manages to get out of a submission hold with 5:00 remaining. Roode uses three clotheslines to get Abyss off his feet. Abyss ends up going into the chair, leading to Roode attempting a chokeslam. Roode does use a Cri*Redacted*er Crossface, but Abyss reaches the ropes. Roode Attempts a Roode bomb, but Abyss uses a chokeslam to get two. Abyss decides to get, three guesses, Janice. His gimmick seems to be running hardcore into the ground. Abyss does the get Janice stuck, leading to a Roode spinebuster to get 3 points. 6 points overall.

We are closer to the end of this mess. We’re not sure we’ll be on TV in 2016, but at least it’s not as bad an end as we thought it would be. Until next time.

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