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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Creative Locks: Survivor Series

Tonight won’t be stopped a few unfavorable groups we are not going to acknowledge, but due to a meeting with network dummies, we are breezing through these quickly. So here we go.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze
Breeze will be facing his future. As any opening feud with a new heel, this will see him go over before losing the final meaningful match.
Winner: Tyler Breeze

WWE Diva Championship: Charlotte vs. Paige
After the remark that was totally Charlotte’s idea, but don’t go talk to TV or radio people, she logically should beat Paige half to death. Though we are going to get the “You mocked my family, so I will lock in my figure four while I bridge my torso”. Seems this match will either be justice for her, or the end of the attempt to save the Diva Revolution.
Winner: Charlotte

The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family
This is The Undertaker’s farewell tour. As such, we expect WWE to anger fans tonight before “Making it so worth it” by disappointing everyone later. Because this is the case, we should be expecting a Wyatt victory, but there will be a win by the brothers before one of them gets attacked. Undertaker will be off TV until his WrestleMania match with Strowman, and Kane can feud Strowman before then.
Winners: Brothers of Destruction

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
 We have decided to look at all three matches as one match. Roman Reigns will defeat Alberto Del Rio to look strong, and Dean Ambrose will defeat Kevin Owens with a slim margin. There are three was this match will go: Reigns turns on DA, DA turns on Reigns, or they both remain friends. We think the last one applies, as Reigns will need to avenge his best buddy after said buddy is beaten up by Sheamus for his gold. All about making Roman look really strong.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Well those are our predictions, we hope to fair better at being sure about these matches than we are with this meeting. Have a good night.

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