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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Impact Review 9/29/2016

We may be done, but that hasn’t stopped us from having our usual TV. Just be sure to talk about. the hilarious. We’ll power through like Arnold


Before Lethal LockDown, Ethan Carter III and who may be the last or penultimate TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley say their teams. Lashley selects Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, TNA KO Champion Maria. EC3 selects Aron Rex, Moose, Gail Kim. They exchange that they will be winning. Ethen than tells Lashley he wants to start against him, and they will start.


The first bout is between TNA X-Division Champion DJZ and Eddie Edwards. Both men start slow, but get in gear with Edwards striking away. DJZ uses his speed advantage to fly around the ring, until Edwards flies to the outside. Edwards uses a backpack stunner, but only two. Every time Edwards goes to power, DJZ kicks out. DJZ nails a desperation kick, and a DJT to win. After the match, The Helms Dynasty attack. Guess what match it will be.



Allie has to help Laurel Van Ness. We’re sure this segment won’t anger the internet.


May be the last BFG.


Josh interviews Bennett and Moose. The former says the latter didn’t do his job. Moose says he taught guys like Bennett a lesson.

Madison Rayne battles Laurel. Laurel uses underhanded tactics while mocking Allie. Yep. Gail gets the belt while a new star battles a debuting wrestler. Madison tries for several pins, but Larual uses a boot to the head to win.


Lashley promises a shot to whoever takes EC3 out. What if they dent his car.


Drew wants to talk to Rex. Drew talks about saving TNA, but Rex says he’s delusional. He may be right. Drew plays the independent star deal before delivering a piledriver.


Bram’s death is mentioned by Rosemary, then back from Break, We see a package about The Hardy's. This angle saved nothing. Well now it will be Rosemary vs. Reby. The match starts with Reby attacking, but Rosemary licks her. The fans being in this match does not hide the inexperience of Reby, who goes for a pin, but a distraction leads to a mist by Rosemary, and a brawl. There is a Jeff/Steve brawl along stairs, followed by Rosemary delivering a side effect on Reby through a table.


Lashley has the advantage in War Games.


Another BFG ad sees Jeff and Steve go at the eyes as Matt and Abyss, who’s on after the show, fight over music. Jeff wanders as Matt is Tyson and Abyss is Holyfield. Jeff is in a chair as Abyss shocks Matt’s nuts like Kane.


Boy Cody Rhodes picked a bad time to leave.


Gail and Maria talk about facing-off. BFG may be the last time to see this match.


Tyrus and Eli Drake talk about teaming. Tryus decides it’s a bad idea. Both men in that battle royal at BFG.


One last look at the last matches.


EC3 talking to his team before this last match… Of the night. They give a “Woah Bundy”.


A Lashley battling EC3 video is shown before tonight’s main event. EC3 wants to start, but it’s Bennett he’s battling instead. EC3 exchanges with Bennett. EC3 delivers a suplex, but Bennett scurries up. As EC3 tries to splash, there is a maneuver by Bennett, who kicks away and sends EC3 around as he yells “shut up” to fans, but EC3 battles out and hits a TK3. As the next wrestler is Drew. As Drew stomps away before chopping going into break. Back from break, Bennett stomps away before Rex emerges and goes at Drew. It’s now an elbow of distinction. The faces bash away at the heels until Lashley heads to war. As Lashey brings everyone near him down, until Moose gets in and destroys whoever’s left. They all brawl until Maria stays out until the predictable Gail appearance. Once that happens, they’re all brawling, plus in play going into break. Back from break, they all brawl, well, the four guys. Lashley directs the assault until Drew hits the corner. After this, every face beats up Lashley. EC3 goes to use a pipe, but Bennett takes most out until a Moose dropkick. After a spear by Lashley on Rex, Lashley takes a moment either to set up a save by EC3, or is shaking webs. EC3 sends him off the structure walls before grabbing a Kendo stick. After some fast blows, Lashley locks EC3 in a submission hold until EC3 has to tap. After winning, Lashley names the match as “NO HOLDS BAAAAARED”!


Whether this is the last ever, the last Impact, or just another week, we’ll still be on Twitter, and may expand to talking about wrestling news. Bring this place back.

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