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Friday, October 7, 2016

Impact Review 10/6/2016

Thoughts to those in the path of the hurricane.


 Showing what many found brilliant about BFG has TNA Champion Lashley emerge like Arnold winning. He says he beat everyone until Grand “We Had A Different Belt Laying Around” Champion Rex interrupts saying he’s better, then gets put down by Lashley. Now Gail spouts something about 2016 fixing thing, but she has Tag Team Champions The Hardys interrupt. Matt talks about TNA not existing.  X-Division Champion. DJZ makes this even more overbooked. Lashley mocks them before leaving. Billy interrups him with Aiden O’Shea. He tells Lashley he will have to face someone. All will defend save for DJZ, who’s in another convoluted mess. It’s a 6-man tag with strict enforcement. Boy would rounds be interesting. The action is good with Marshe Rockett teaming with The Helms Dynasty against DJZ, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews. We are a bit too relaxed to know everything except to say DJZ holds his own against a new threat. Boy Rockett isn’t bad. Mandrews gets to win as he pins Andrew Everett.


A BFG ad if you want to travel back to Sunday.


Moose wants to battle Lashley tonight.


Eli Drake is quite over as he interviews Ethan Carter III. After berating EC3 about not winning on Sunday, he presses the Dummy button several times. We sense a double turn. EC3 says he won’t make excuses, but now he’s angry before ripping into Drake before telling him he better be ready to try becoming TNA Champ. After daring him to press the button. Drake says he was never given anything, he earned it.


Allie is being yelled toward about telling everyone Maria’s doctor cleared her. Strange anyone here has a doctor.


Eddie Edwards’ promo about wanting to face Lashley has a fan yelling to support Trump. Lashley knows about both now.


A recap of Gail’s induction. We hope to have one more at least before WWE.


Gail battling Sienna becomes a brawl early on as Madison Rayne has to talk to Josh. Sienna starts by targeting Gail’s back. Gail gets away from the AK-47 to hit her moves of doom. Gail then wins by rolling-up Gail. After this, Sienna is joined by Maria and Laurel Van Ness. Then we hear Maria has a No-DQ match against Gail. If only Madison was some type of wrestler.


EC3 is the last one to be a possible opponent in the main event.


There is a cage match named after the show this network has Josh plugging, and it has The Hardys defending against The Decay. Matt bellows to Rebecca to defend Maxel. The Hardys start  dominating as Jeff staples Abyss’ head. Matt is punched by Crazzy Steve before getting hooked with a hook. When The Decay switch up, they get dominated by The Hardys. Fans break out when Matt tries using a chainsaw. Jeff uses a twist of fate before trying to climb. He’s misted by Rosemary before we get interference. The storm seems to have gone back to that infamous night. We’ll get back to reviewing once the show actually is back.


BFG once again.


Because of WWE, it’s Cody and Brandi Rhodes. She never used that name there. He talks about how BFG was, and talks about Mike Bennett being on his list. He adds he has a shot at being TNA Champion. Bennett interrupts this to accidentally say the incident was “last night”. Kayfabe! There is a brawl before an escape by Bennett. During the ad break, Cody challenged Bennett.


Aiden tells Maria she gets her match, but her position at the top of the division is at stake.


Rex defends the AWF World Heavyweight Championship Against Baron Cor… Dax. Rex starts by chaining together some moves  before Dax uses a neckbreaker that gets only to. Dax then attacks the stomach before trying to pin. Dax seems to be winning the first with 30 seconds left. The first belongs to Dax. As the second begins, Dax has moved to the head before Rex chop blocks and uses a sharpshooter-type hold to win. A possible turn. He says he looks to prove he’s better than the others in the division.


Lashley is to decide who he’s facing. He says because he beat EC3, and says because Moose is dumb, he’ll face Edwards because he thinks it will be easy. Lashley’s spear misses early on, but a German suplex helps to set things his way. As Lashley bashes Edwards’ ribs, he then suplexes Edwards, who kicks out. Edwards fights back, but Lashley powerbombs, and chinlocks. Even when Edwards gets out, he gets an elbow by Lashley. When Lashley slaps Edwards, this enrages Edwards. After hitting a Frankensteiner, Edwards uses his comeback, though Lashley stops the momentum with a powerslam. Lashley tries for a spear, but Edwards sends him outside, and follows-up with two dives. He tries three, but Lashley moves out of the way. As Lashley brings Edwards back inside, he goes for another spear, but is hit with a Boston knee party to become TNA Champion. While it means the wrong match main evented, Edwards has a great moment.


We have not gotten WWE pay yet, but it seems more likely to happen.

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