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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Impact Review 10/20/2010

We have no more debt. Boy wrestling will have this RAW Deal for a while.
We see the angles from last week, that brings us to Cody Rh… Talking about wanting to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, he then starts talking about telling his dad he wanted to be a wrestler. This brings out TNA Champion Eddie Edwards. Eddie talks about everyone having loads of respect for both men. After this, we hear both men talk about how they will prove they’re the best. As Bobby Lashley enters the ring, he tells them whichever one he faces will get hurt, but then Moose is next out. He gets his match now. Both men stary by brawling before Lashley suplexes, but it does nothing. Eventually, the fight heads outside. Lashley uses a punch to the head to steer things his way. There’s a Fight Network mention. Take a shot. Lashley shouldersinto Moose, but Moose is able to dropkick Lashley outside. At this juncture, Moose attempt to end the match, but Lashley uses an inverted atomic drop. Lashley then uses a superplex, but Moose gets up and spears for only two. They now enter a yay/boo before Lashley hits his spear, but that only gets two. As Lashley brings himself for another, Moose hits the Gamchanger, but only has two. Before Moose can hit go to hell, Lashley blocks, then spears to win.
We see last week’s attack on TNA Tag Champions The Hardys. This then has The Legionnaires interrupted by The Payday Crew. Bram may know something about this.
Slammiversary ad and Tryus ad. Only one matters.
Eli Drake hosts Fact of Life. He’s interviewing TNA AWF Champion Aron Rex. Drake has audio to give the idea we have an audience. But Rex talks about how great it is to have the belt.  Drake talks about hor doing what you have to in order to win. Rex is heeling a bit about who he’s beaten. Drake says they’re nothing like him. They begin to belittle Ethan Carter III. This brings out EC3, which prompts Drake to end the segment. EC3 demands the button be pressed. Only these two make a button deal work. Drake presses several times, bringing EC3 to brawl before Rex tries to stop it, gets his, and attacks before Jesse Godderz makes the save.
The Hardys plan on deleting Faux-Shleld. After a fun promo, a brawl begins. The Hardys are a better team here. Dominating early on, and preventing Shield:TNA. Jeff hits a DDT, and then the attempt to team leaves Jeff playing Ricky Morton. Jeff his the side Russiam legsweep, and tags in Matt. As Matt bites away, he makes the strange noises everyone knows. After hitting a side effect, Matt gets a twist of fate set-up, but the team assault wears him down until Jeff makes the save. After both hit twist of fates, they get the win. Then the video of those dudes with masks hits, and they attack Faux-Shield.
Allie is talked to be Braxton Sutter, but Laurel Van Ness doesn’t know why she has no shot.
BFG ad and Tyrus ad. We used this joke already.
Another deal with these guys. Dixe loves heel mega stables.
Lashley is now mocking Cody, who says Edwards defeated him. We imagine Lashley may want Cody, belt or no.
We see last week when TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim won. This brings out Maria, Allie, and Laurel Van Ness. Allie tries talking, though they keep mocking her.  This leads to Allie standing up for herself. Laurel attacks. Next week, Allie faces her. We need to remind you she’s supposed to be untrained.
Edwards tells Lashley to bet against him if he wants.
Tyrus tells Mahabali Shera never to dance. We do agree with this. He seems to be training Shera. Kendrick tried with Eva Marie.
EC3 and Jesse want to wrestle the team of Drake/Rex next week.
Shera battles Mike Bennett, who has music. Bennett’s chops don’t seem to do much against Shera, who responds with power. Bennett uses kicks while mocking Shera before locking the chinlock in. Shera again with power by slamming him several times. He locks in a bearhug, but Bennett uses an eyerake and the MIP to end the match.
A look at Edwards before his battle with Cody.
TNA X-Division Champion DJZ talks about the X-Division distracton when Rockstar Spud interferes and announces his team.
Edwards defends against Cody tonight. Both men start with a handshake before they begin feeling out. Neither man has the edge going into break. Back from break, the stalemate is back. Edwards starts to pull away, using his brutal chops, until Cody makes it the chop-off. Before Cody can lock in a armbar, Edwards makes it to the ropes. Before Cody can fly, Edwards sends him outside. This sees Edwards lunge out. When Edwards brings Cody inside, he’s sent outside with a beautiful disaster, then slams Edwards on the ramp. Once back inside, Cody tries to springboard, but end up in a chin-checker for two. Bringing things his way, Edwards goes to fly, but Cody hits a muscle bulster. Edwards fights away from a submission attempt, and starts a yay/boo before Cody gets Edwards up top for a superplex. The move took a bit out of Cody, as his legs are hooked for a win. After the match, another handshake. Honor. Brandi Rhodes is attacked by Maria.
Another good week. Hope to disappoint you little next week. Happy Birthday Tom Petty.

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