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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Impact Review 11/3/2016

Funny Billy’s not here. This place may be terminated soon.
Brandi Rhodes tells Bobby Lashley better watch out with Cody. Maria interrupts with her usual iffy promo style. She talks about how Allie had to learn a lesson, then offers a spot with Sienna and Laurel Van Ness. Brandi turns it down like an independent wrestler should turn us down. Anyway, Sienna attacks, and hits the AK47.
A Video about TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards. It ends with his 2015 injury.
TNA Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex defends again against Jesse Godderz. After a feeling out, Jesse dominates with punches and sending Rex into the turnbuckles. He then amazes again by dropkicking. He uses some more power, with Rex still trying, but it’s all Jesse in the first, bringing Rex down with an armbar. The first ends in Jesse’s favor. Before the second begins, we see more of Jesse. As the second begins, Rex attacks and tells Jesse he won’t be winning. Rex then hits a suplex. Jesse tries to go for a few pins, but the match goes on. Jesse’s back is attacked, but with 30 seconds left in the second, he uses power and locks back the Adonis lock before the round ends and is awarded to him. We’re selling stuff. As the third starts, Rex rakes out of the chinlock. With his vision affected, he’s hit with Rex’s ring hand to end the match. After his win, the berating by Rex begins.
We still have the X-Division. We even have Team X Gold. Not sure if there will be a belt.
Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Marshe Rockett. Vs. Rockstar Spud and The Decay vs. Go For Broke. Instead of a belt, there are flags. Lee and Crazzy Steve are outsmarted by TNA X-Division Champion DJZ, who then flies around, and tags in Mandrews, who gets assaulted by Lee and Everett. Because Rockett tags in, Abyss tags in, and both men brawl before the double kick by Mandrews. This leads to everyone hitting their finishing move. After The Decay are inexplicably ejected, Spud is attacked, and pinned by Braxton Sutter.
A second video about Eddie. He got married during his injury.
TNA World Tag Team Champions The Hardys defend against The DCC. Before the bout, Matt Hardy talks about how last week saw an assault be the DCC. The DCC starts by attacking both Hardys before simply leaving. Jeff Hardy wants them back in the ring. The match starts with a brawl that sees two of the DCC dominating early on. Matt gets one of them down. Jeff hit a twist of fate before the third DCC member entering causing a DQ. After this, one of the guys that somehow got a match attacks and stomps referee Earl Hebner. The two groups are brawling near a guy that looks like Paul Ellering. We hear music as weapons are used, then they interrupt a Grado promo. Matt uses a bucket of the lake to make Jeff his 2010 self. Matt smashes one of them into pallets while yelling “Delete”, as the other throws Jeff and the bucket in a box, revealing present Jeff. Matt is sent off a forklift, and now doesn’t have an idea who Jeff is.
Ethan Carter III intends to call out Eli Drake. After that segment, tough to beat.
A One Night Only event. We still have those.
EC3 says Drake runs his mouth about him non-stop. Drake says EC3 needs to watch his tone with him. EC3 invites Drake, who says he knows it will be a brawl. EC3 brings up Drake’s belief about being handed EC3’s accolades.EC3 says he earned everything he got in the promotion, including wins over everyone EC3 says Drake is too scared to use his guaranteed bout. Drake says he does not need any of the things EC3 earned. EC3 again makes his challenge for the Bound-for-Gold status. Drake does not agree with EC3’s idea, until he hears EC3 will never challenge for the TNA belt if he loses. Drake decides against   EC3’s match, and he will face either Edwards or Lashley.
Lashley tells Jeremy Borash that Cody will never be back, and Edwards’ dreams will end tonight.
The final look at Edwards sees Edwards talking about the passing of his mentor, and becoming TNA Champion.
Edwards and Lashley battle in the main event. Both wrestlers lock up to start this bout. Edwards’ technical approach early on gives way to both men brawling before Lashley sends Edwards into the corner. Edwards uses an inverted atomic drop. Neither man has the lead at the start of this match As Lashley brings the proceedings outside. Edwards would fly before chopping, but is thrown with a BAAAAAACK BODY DROP! Lashley sends Edwards into the seats before taunting in the ring. As Lashley bashes away with elbows, he then chokes Edwards with his wristband going into break. Back from break, Edwards kicks out of a pin attempt Lashley brings on. Lashley shifts to using his strength to keep Edwards on the ground. Lashley then high-fives referee Brian Hebner. He tries kicking Edwards, but misses, and has to use now the crossbody. After another miss, Edwards now uses his speed to get Lashley outside, then flies at him. Once back inside, Lashley hits a dominator, but only gets two. Before Lashley can go off the top, he is sent outside, and Edwards flies one more time. After a few fast moves, Edwards accidentally hits the Boston knee party on the referee. Despite a spear, there needs to be the second referee. Edwards kicks out. Lashley hits the second referee. Hebner wants to call it, but is threatened. Edwards then hits the Boston knee party to win.
A great night, but it may be worth nothing soon. See you next week.

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