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Thursday, July 9, 2015

NXT Review 7/8/2015

We are a few days removed from possibly the biggest match in NXT history. After WWE hosted Beast in the East, either Kevin Owens will have fought Owens fought, or Finn Balor will take his throne at the top of NXT. And tonight, the match will be re-aired. We also look ahead to decide the #1 contenders between Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, or the Vaudevillains. All this on the latest episode of NXT.

A recap from Beast in the East features highlights of the show, and quick thoughts of the wrestlers. Brock Lesnar killing The New Day is shown last, but for many, the real main match involved two men from this show.

Dana Brooke (Again with new gear) and Emma walk out ready to find out who NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks will choose as her tag team partner. Sasha does better work as a heel, but with the unfortunate injuries to Bayley and Becky Lynch, she has to play the hand she’s dealt. Dana says Sasha hasn’t found a partner. Sasha takes the mic, and belittles them when she says she will face them by herself. This leads Charlotte, who’s husband Bram has signed a multi-year contract with TNA. Charlotte says she will team with Sasha, and extends her hand. After a reluctant shake, they get to work. Because these two teamed before, they run Dana out of the ring after a seconds. When Emma tags in, she only takes one knee drop before Dana tags in. Once this happens, Dana and Emma use frequent tagging before Emma uses her legs to prevent Charlotte from reaching her corner. Emma brings in Dana, who uses power moves before using Wade Barrett’s wasteland. Still less blatant than Nikki Bella using the bull hammer. Charlotte sees an opening to tag in Sasha. When Emma tries to get in, Sasha knocks her down. Sasha locks in the Back Statement when Emma tries to get involved. Charlotte cuts her off, and puts her in the figure-eight. Both women get their opponents to submit. After the match, Charlotte makes a point to say she wants a shot at the Championship. Sasha says yes. A women’s match that went long, AND didn’t suck. This really is the better WWE show.

Bayley is shown from a weekend show talking about her hand injury, and says that when she returns, she will be Champion. Like many, we want to see this happen.

A hype video plays for the NXT Championship match. This does a good job at discussing how much Balor is loved in Japan, as well as Owens being a brutal win at any expense type of guy. There is a lot of uncertainty here, but it’s a good kind. Here we go.

We see Balor’s Demon entrance first. He is covered on all exposed skin in the paint, and you really see how much he likes to enter as a demon. Owens in contrast does not use the pageantry. Michael Cole brings up how NXT Takeover will be broadcasting from the same building Summerslam will emanate from the same building as Summerslam. A0 A lot of traded tickets we imagine. B) Due to scheduling, that will be our last NXT review for a while. As we see Hideo Itami, who likely would’ve been the man in Balor’s boots, we also see Owens throwing the flowers given to him before the bout. In a sense, this match makes the NXT Championship a World Heavyweight Championship. Balor charges at Owens early. And when Owens attempts to leave, Balor pursues him. Balor uses agility early on to keep Owens down. After sitting Owens in the corner on the outside, he uses an OMG moment as we cut to a break. Austin loves burying his stuff. We’re also not sure about him on the cover. We cut to later in the match. Balor forces Owens onto the corner, and tries to get him up top. He eventually does, but Owens blocks. Balor gets out and kicks Owens. After trying again, Balor is in for Mr. Anderson’s 2005 finisher. That only gets two. Owens goes up top for a swanton, but Balor uses his knees. Balor uses Bloody Sunday of all moves, Two count only. Balor tries to run into Owens, but Owens uses a superkick into a suplex. Owens slaps Balor, which is responded in kind. When Owens tries for a pop-up powerbomb, Balor counters into a series of moves topped off with a Coup De Grace to become the new NXT World Heavyweight Champion. He may not be a native son, but Japan sees one of it’s stars take his place. Bullet Club bringing home another Championship certainly is a great enough moment, but adding Tatsumi Fijinami (They keep the botch) to this makes it that much greater for the new Champion. When Balor extends his hand, Owens flicks sweat at Balor, and leaves. Cut to an attempt at post-match thoughts seeing Owens lunge at the camera.

Devin Taylor interviews Chad Gable, who is angry at still not being Jason Jordan’s partner. This changes when Jordan accepts the offer.

Solomon Crowe, likely hoping his wife’s problems are not transferred to him by a spiteful promotion. Tells fans he’s in the Crowe’s nest. He says he’s back, meaner, badder, and nastier.

Marcus Louis, still bald for some reason, comes out looking like a parody of Kane’s current gear. They seem to want him to look creepy. Crowe’s video looks like it can cause seizures. The match begins, and Louis treats the offense by Crowe as less than effective. Louis tosses him around while making a face that looks like someone showed him an shock video. Crowe finds himself a nerve hold like one from the 1960’s. He is able to battle out, and sends Louis down with a cutter, followed by a bulldog. After using a stretch muffler, now called the Crowe Bar. He gets the submission win. Scary look but doesn’t win. We should call him Corporate Louis.

The Vaudevillains are interviewed next. Simon Gotch say that after a long absence, they have made a triumphant return. Aiden English say they will do what men do, and win.

We see Balor after his win being congratulated by Cesaro, Neville, and WWE United States Champion John Cena. Balor says that his win couldn’t have gone any better given where it is. He says his dream came true.

Next week gives us an update on Sami Zayn. Hope it’s good news.

The Vaudevillains vs. Enzo and Big Cass is tonight main event. Glad to see these two teams headline the show. On the main show, tag team matches are filler. After Enzo’s awesome entrance, we begin the match. Enzo and Gotch quickly go from feeling out, to some great reversals. Gotch tags in English, who quickly tag out to confuse their opponents. Enzo and Big Cass are able to team up on the now legal English. Enzo works on the left arm before using a few rights. When Enzo goes to charge at the cornered English, English uses a boot to create the opening to tag in. Gotch works Enzo over with an interesting chinlock-style move before tagging in English. English uses the same move until Enzo jawbreakers English. English has the presence to tag in Gotch. Who, after a double team move to give his partner a quick breather, tags English back in. After a brief assault, Enzo tags in Big Cass. Big Cass uses a boot on English, and a slam on Gotch. Enzo tags back in. When Enzo goes for his crossbody, English counters for a win. The Vaudevillains get a needed win to put them back on track.

So ends a fun week. While it was a little light in action, it certainly helped to deliver an hour thst had more excitement that the bigger show had in 3. As such, it is likely the action will pick up next week. Until then, try to not hate SmackDown.

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