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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Impact Review 12/2/2015

Last week was fiercely brutal. We had been told we had the Pop-sponsored retreat was Thursday. Turns out, they had us head out Wednesday. Bastards didn’t even let us riff on the reverse elimination match. Well that won’t happen again as we break into the tournament tonight.

After a rundown of tonight’s matches, we start with Ethan Carter III facing DJZ. They lock-up early before EC3 shows DJZ he booms better than he can. A few false pins leads to EC3 throwing DJZ around, then briefly assaults him outside. DJZ uses his agility and breakneck speed to get EC3 off his guard. Tyrus however pays off by attacking DJZ. This leads to EC3 whooping DJZ like his pay is on the line. When DJZ rolls out of the way of a Stinger Splash, he puts several quick moves together to get two. EC3 rakes the eyes, but DJZ proves he doesn’t need vison to work, like WWE’s booking. EC3 is able however to het the 1%er to get the win. A fun match to start the show.

TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim talks about making history in this tournament. Of course. She’s the only woman not retired in this tournament.

Gail vs. TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno. Tigre Uno doesn’t really want to wrestle a woman at first. Bram called him a bitch. He finally starts to fight when Gail picks up the pace. Tigre Uno and Gail exchange submission holds before Tigre Uno flies. Tigre Uno gets her back in the ring, but Gail crotches him on the top turnbuckle before hitting a hurricarana. As Gail goes for eat defeat, we get counters before Tigre Uno gets the pin.

 A recap of earlier moments leads to Davey Richards vs. Bra. After Bram throws Davey around like… Well… You know. Davey then starts kicking Bram before sending him outside. Bram then reverses and hits an assisted go to sleep with the steps. Davey may be concussed. Davey uses a few quick moves before stomping on Bram off the steps. Davey then introduces Bram to American strong style, though Bram uses an F5. Josh refers to Bram as a psychopath. No s---. Davey is able to reverse a brighter side of suffering to win.

Eli Drake quickly dissects Mahabali Shera on the mic. It is one of the more accurate things you’ll hear tonight.

Drake vs. Shera starts off with dancing, and a look at Shera looking really strong. Already the best Shera’s done tonight. A quick tie-up leads to a plug of the Pop tapings. Just not saying it’s a taping. Drake stomps away on Shera before Shera uses his power to get things his way using a “BAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! Shera uses a sky high to finally end this match and win.

Matt Hardy talks about how he’ll beat TNA Big Red Belt Champion Bobby Roode the same way he faced everyone in his group. Well, at least we know who should win if we get to tape different matches.

After hearing what is falsely referred to as the round of eight, and a Christmas version of the swipe game, we get Matt vs. Roode. Roode rolls outside before the start of the match before locking up. After the feeling out, Roode and Matt shift between the lead before brawling on the outside. Matt then has his arm worked over like a keg at a divas booking meeting. Roode keeps on the arm with a crossface like he is Ch*Redacted*it.  Roode walks into a side effect, followed by a clothesline. Matt attenpts a twist of fate, but Roode reverse into a schoolboy before another crossface. When Roode atenpts to fly, he is hit with a twist of fate, leading to Matt getting the pin.

Drew Galloway talks about how he will be winning over Bobby Lashley. His intensity is like he didn’t get paid.

Jesse Godderz vs. TNA Ghost Awesome Kong sees two powerful entities face off like if Haku and Harley Race had a dispute over beer. Jesse says Kong wants to touch him. He offers a kiss, but Kong punches him. This really proves this was a One Night Only event repurposed. Kong splashes and slams away and sends the match outside. Jesse tries getting back in the ring, but is pulled back outside. Jesse runs after Kong, but is sent inti the steps. When the match returns to the ring, he gets a pin with tights. Both women eliminated in one night. Progression is slow. Either way, he gets the win.

After a replay of the last match, we get Eric Young vs. TNA Ghost Kenny King. King’s speed keeps Young guessing. Once Young gets an opening, he punches away. King uses a handstand to kick Young, though Young is able to keep beating him, at least until he is sent outside. King rallies through an eye rake to hit a spinebuster. Young uses a referee to distract King long enough to hit a piledriver and get a pin.

A video for the big main event readies everyone. At least we think.

A recap of Young’s win leads to him ranting like Dave Meltzer asked him a question.

Drew vs. Lashley main events the show. A quick grapple sees Drew cornered. Lashley locks in a rear naked choke before Drew gets to the rope. Lashley attacks in the corner going into break. Back from break, Drew is able to get out of the corner, and take the fight outside. After Lashley fights back and sends Drew inside, he suplexes Drew to get two. After Lashley attacks Drew in the ropes, Drew sends him into the ringpost. Again, the brawl goes outside. Drew attacks Lashley’s arm, though it is the power of Lashley that helps him get back into this and suplex Drew some more. Drew attempts to jump over Lashley, but is sent down with a powerslam. This leads to several near wins by both men before a Lashley spear gets him the win.

The actual tournament is easier to keep track of, even if the matches still lack that something. Hopefully we are going to get better with Pop. Just a few more weeks until possible disappointment. Until next week.

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