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Thursday, February 23, 2017

ImpactReview 2/23/2017

Thoughts this week to the families of George "The Animal" Steele, and to Ivan Koloff.
Fighting to be certain Josh says nothing. We’ll have to kill him last
Broken Matt Hardy speaks to George Washington, then departs part of his abilities to “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy. Boy, the TNA World Tag Team Champions. Also, we see more about Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness. We’ll drink more.
Cody briefly talks about TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley before bringing up Brandi teaming with Moose. After asking to see him, Moose enters. After being thanked by Cody, Moose says he has their backs. Cody begins to wonder about Brandi. After feigning it was a joke, he attacks Moose. After the assault, he hints at being Bullet Club. Still a better use than on RAW.
The recap of Cody’s assault of Moose sees him leaving with Brandi.
Eli Drake and Tyrus talk about the issues they have before locking-up, which happens after this promo. Before the bout, Drake berates his former guard. After trying to take Tyrus down, he then grabs another microphone and tries to get a fingerpoke, but Tyrus refuses, and pokes him back. After trying to get him to lay down again, it is decided by Drake to KO referee Earl Hebner. Tyrus goozles Drake until Drake offers more money. Tyrus brings Drake in for a hug.
Sienna is getting herself in her make-up for tonight, but Allie is not around. We think we know where.
Don West sells awesomely.
Matt’s back out of Egypt, wearing gold. He says they will need to get more gold.
Jade talks taking back the division TNA Knockout Champion Rosemary dominates. This leads to the Champion saying Jade should be saving herself instead. Jade demands a Last Woman Standing match, which is accepted.
Sutter and Mike Bennett drinking and talking about later. We almost joined them, but they may worry about our drinking.
Bram vs. Jesse Godderz starts next. Eddie Kingston tries to distract Jesse twice, but only succeeds after the third time. This leads to the match twice heading outside, but Bram can’t get the pin. Bram runs off the ropes, but is caught in a powerslam. Jesse locks in the Adonis lock as he drags Bram in the middle. Kingston tries to distract, but Bram is now slingshotted into him, and is pinned by Jesse. Afterwards, Jesse avoids the two DCC members out here.
The Hardys are in another lockerroom, where they asks to wrestle the Tag Team Champions of this promotion.
Allie’s here. She looks aggravated. Her voice seems normal. She then asks Sutter if he wants to do this. He seems ready to explode.
The Hardys wrestle what may be a shoot. Live in the Madison Civic Center, maybe the biggest bout. The Hardys battle Mathis-&-Rage. Again, mainly highlights of the match, with Jeff as a face in peril until he brings Matt into the match. Bringing them down with a double twist of fate and a side effect, the fight brings itself outside, before Jeff sends Rage down a staircase, and then helps Matt bring this to it’s end. The Hardys return to add these belts.
Josh Barnett talks about Lashley, then being sure to be clear he will win the belt.
Don sells brilliantly like Ziggler.
Josh Barnett aims to treat Bad Bones like he plans to treat Lashley. Barnett begins with kicks and a takedown. Before Barnett does any more, he is hit with a spear by Bad Bones, who dominates a bit, but is reversed into a powerbomb, then after a Northern Lights suplex, Barnett locks the keylock to get a win.
TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee defends against DJZ tonight. DJZ starts by lunging out at Lee and brawls with him on the outside of the ring. Once back inside, Lee kicks DJZ, but DJZ is able to get things his way, though he still has an injury bringing him down a bit. DJZ uses plenty of clotheslines, but is caught into a suplex, and punched by Lee, who targets the ankle of DJZ. Lee stays on him as Josh Mathews acts the second dumbest he has this week. DJZ uses a hurricarana, but the distraction of Gregory Shane Helms enables Lee to use the roll-up with tights to retain. After the match, DJZ attacks, but is almost Pillmanized until Andrew Everett makes the save.
Sutter is told he has to marry Laurel.
Next week has Lashley vs. Barnett. Ready up.
The wedding is now. Sutter brings the drunken Bennett. He should not have started drinking with us this morning. Rockstar Spud brings Aron Rex out. Bennett may want to start drinking some more to get through this. Laurel’s bridesmaids into break. Back from break, Laurel is introduces without the kayfabe dad who is financing this. But out is Allie. As fans begin chanting “We don’t care”, we prefer the wedding from Spaceballs. But while Laurel starts talking in a way Lee Ving know about, we get to the objections part, where Allie is stewing, but won’t say anything now. After being tripped, then berated, the rings are presented. Sutter proceeds to stutter before saying he won’t marry Laurel. He then says he’s in love with Allie. He then makes it official Allie’s job was at stake. Allie bellows out “I quit”, then Sutter bashes Bennett. Brooke runs out, then Robbie E.
A fun segment on an otherwise good, but plain show.

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