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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Impact Review 12/17/2015

Looks like the network does not like us, so this break from matches to decide a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion will be the last time wrestling is on here until we get the show Ultimate Surrender starring Bigfoot.

A brief look at Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Bobby Lashley, and Ethan Carter III.

First, Matt goes over his recent success in TNA. We really want his chair. There is a recap of his group match with TNA World Tag Team Champion Davey Richards. If you want the full review, check it out on the site. We’ll say it was a good match. Matt wins, then he explains he knew TNA BRB Champion Bobby Roode would be quite a challenge. He also puts over Jesse Godderz, and says he will beat Young.

Crimson, Eli Drake, Micah, and Jesse vs. DJZ, TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno, Mandrews, and Manik. Finally a new match. DJZ and Drake almost start, but Micah tags in. Micah’s power is countered early on, leading to a tag to Jesse. Jesse is able to dominate Mandrews briefly before Mandrews emerges on top. Manik tags in to uses quick maneuvers before Tigre Uno makes sure all the guys on his team have been in the ring. No “____ will be upset he wasn’t tagged into the match”. We see a 3-on2 suplex by DJZ, and Mandrews, and Manik on Jesse and Micah. Haku’s not happy. Someone will be missed. Oh hey, the early years are on YouTube. Like WWE, we advertise better days. Well anyway, Jesse’s posing leads to a Manik dropkick before he flies out and takes everyone out. When Mandrews attempts to fly, Drake attacks him. Drake also tags himself into the match and beats up Mandrews. Drake’s partners are not happy that he only wants in when an opponent is down. Eventually, it results in Tigre Uno dropkicking him. Josh Mathews calling Drake a jerk is hilarious for reasons he will complain about. As Drake’s partners leave the ring, he gets his with everyone else’s finishers. Mandrews gets the pin. He finally won a match in this series.

Lashley vs. TNA Ghost Austin Aries from November 25th. We actually missed reviewing this, so it’s new to us. A feeling out between them leads to Lashley having to reverse out of a chinlock. Again it is assumed that because his group is called Group Champions, that it’s some sort of loophole. Lashley shoulder tackles Aries in the corner. Again Lashley uses power, including a delayed vertical suplex going into break. We got Pop TV’s ad on the air. Suck on that Destination America. Back from break, Lashley’s power again rages over Aries. Despite this, Aries is able to use a few quick moves to set Lashley up for a dropkick. Lashley battles back with a running powerslam to get two. We cut to Aries trying to fly, but Lashley rolls out of the way like everyone else would try. Lashley gets Aries back into the ring to end it, but Aries is as limp as Gaburick before Viagra. When Aires gets back up, Lashley goes for a spear, but Aries uses Last Chancery with 1:00 left. Lashley makes it to the ropes, so Aries tries a 450, but Lashley gets out of the way, and hits the spear to get into the tournament. Then there is talk about Lashley’s abilities.

EC3 talks about having many homes before we see him hitting the gym. He says this is because of a loss that should never have happened. He’s been undefeatable for two big years. He shows that WWE should’ve pushed a similar looking guy. He says he worked to get here.

Rockstar Spud vs. TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Roode vs. Mr. Anderson. Spud and Roode start the match. Hey, remember when Roode beat up Spud? Roode uses his strength and a bit of hair to lock in a chinlock. Spud is able to get out, resulting in Roode tagging in Edwards going into break. Back from break, Spud tries to roll-up Edwards, leading to a brawl by Edwards, and a jump out to Roode. Mr. Anderson staring at Spud doing an impression, laughing psychotically, then attacking. Seems like he’s discovered coke. Spud is able to take out the other three, but Edwards is able to get a pin to eliminate Spud. Roode and Mr. Anderson go for a team attack on Edwards, but Edwards utilizes their inexperience. Roode kicks out of a backpack stunner, which we find out is known as Chin Checker. Roode and Mr. Anderson again divided, though Mr. Anderson hits a mic check to eliminate Edwards. After exchanging moves, Roode uses a spinebuster to gain momentum. When Roode goes to fly, he’s caught by Mr. Anderson, who gets two. When Mr. Anderson goes for a mic check, which leads to a series of reversals before Roode gets a submission win. Mr. Anderson was incapable to win in this series.

Kurt Angle talks about these four wrestlers earned their way, and they will be the “Undisputed Wrestling Champion”. He says Young has a shot, Lashley’s the favorite, asks if Matt can keep momentum, and that EC3 may not be defeatable.

A look at Young shows him doing such dangerous things as a piledriver. Young talks about doing what he can to be Champion again, and how Roode stole gold from him. He says he warned TNA Ghost and NXT wrestler James Storm. This leads to a re-airing of Young vs. Roode from November 4th. Again, you can read our review. Young wins. Young talks about TNA Ghost Kenny King being good, but not better than him, he says Tigre Uno is a Champion, but so was Young.

EC3 vs. Mr. Anderson from November 11th. Once more, we reviewed the whole show. EC3 wins. EC3 talks about his training, and will show off his home. Shots of him hanging around the pool and berating the cleaner. He says he beat DJZ, Davey, and how he will beat Lashley one more time. There is a strong implication the finals will be Matt vs. EC3 as he drinks instead of saying his name.

A roundtable of the remaining four starts with Lashley saying he’ll beat up EC3 and Tyrus. He adds he has no plan, but wants to know if EC3 will be willing to fight on his own. EC3 feels like he shouldn’t have to wrestle him again, and that he outsmarted Lashley. Matt says EC3 thinks he has integrity, and again sends the message what’s next. Young says Matt came from an easier group, and that he will prove he is superior. He adds that he’s won every TNA Championship. Not the KO Championship yet. Matt says he has not been defeated here. He says he hopes to face Lashley, but my likely face EC3 because of Tyrus. EC3 says they are free to buy a guard. Matt says he has integrity. Lashley says he wants to face Matt, and that Matt has the edge against Young. EC3 says he thinks he’ll face Young. Though the hesitation before taking a drink again says what he really expects. Young says Mayy won’t advance. No s---. If he does, you’re out. Young keeps yelling while Matt says to give it a shot. EC3 is laughing at the explosion while Matt keeps firing back.

The show ends with an ad for a best of 2015. Assuming that airs.

This week’s broadcast was slow. The obvious reason is there is a holding pattern until 2016. Assuming there is a show next week, it will be reviewed. If not, see you next year.

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