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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Impact Review 1/12/2016

We survived last week, let’s see how this goes.

A recap of the World Title Series making the Bound For Glory main event worthless, and hype for Kurt Angle facing Drew Galloway.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III is told by #1 contender to the Heavyweight World Championship of the World Tyrus it is time, EC3 says he’s damn right. After this, the two men walk down to the ring. EC3 says he believed in himself, and Tyrus believed in him. EC3 says he will give Tyrus his shot, but says in in a deflecting manner. He tries to go on, but Jeff Hardy shows up in his gear and rushed facepaint. EC3 asks Jeff why he’s there, and Jeff starts to backhandedly putting over EC3, by saying while he may need to cheat, he did not last week. EC3 is a bit confused by this, to which Jeff starts talking about how EC3 put him through hell before presenting a note stating he can return to action. As a result, he is challenging EC3 to a match. EC3 starts talking about wanting to face Jeff, but denies the request. EC3 then says if Jeff wants a shot, he has to start at the back of the line. EC3 presents a random masked wrestler. EC3 sings along with the music of this wrestler, known as “The Master of Motion” Shinron. EC3 and Tyrus go to the table, and the match begins. The two men grapple for a bit before Sinron shows off. Jeff sents him outside, and the fans yell for Jeff. As Jeff sends Shinron inside, the masked wrestler briefly mounts offense. Jeff however maintains the advantage before winning using a twist of fate. Good for what it was: A match designed to hide Jeff’s injury.

The Dollhouse speaks about running the division. Awesome Kong in a group designed to look like Barbie Dolls is as stupid as putting Steve Austin with Vince.

The Beautiful People and The Dollhouse brawl to the outside. Velvet Sky and Jade brawl on the ramp while Madison Rayne and Kong fight inside. Jade throws weapons inside as fans demand to see Angle. Jade tries for a rolling cannonball, but Madison rolls out of the way. Every time they set up Madison up, Jade does not connect. Velvet rolls in and battles with Jade, sending her outside. Velvet and Madison use kendo sticks to attack Marti Bell and Kong before Madison uses a dropkick to get two. Ultimately, the numbers win as Jade uses a package piledriver. A fun brawl, but tough to keep track of.

Raquel Welch is not coming here.

TNA Reverse Ladder Match Champion Bobby Roode and James “My In With NXT Was Billy Gunn” Storm get ready to get drunk. No, they’re not booking. Storm says he had to make the decision to return. Roode says what split them was something that brought them together: A desire to be the best. They then drink each time they apologize for things both men did to each other. They toast to the team. They next say something’s missing, they remember they need to get loud, prompting Eric Young and Bram interrupt. After Storm and Young exchange gay jokes before Young challenges Roode for his Championship. The match is next.

After a brief feeling out, Young shows off. He however is hit with several armdrags, which Roode follows up with by working on the arm. Young’s rally is cut off with more attacking the arm. Storm and Bram stare at each other. Careful Bram, Storm doesn't phone-call the police. Young starts to attack as Josh Mathews tries to act like Bram’s promo botch was intentional. Roode brings an assault, including a “BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! Roode goes for a Roodebomb, but Young reverses into a belly-to-belly. Young goes for a piledriver, but Roode gets out, and locks in a sharpshooter, a crossface, and a spinebuster. After these moves of doom, Roode hits the Roodebomb, but Bram pulls the referee out. They attack Bram, but a low-blow into a piledriver secures the gold for a new Champion.

Mr. Anderson seems to be a heel when he says Matt Hardy choked. He’s interviewing him next.

EC3 heard the miraculous words, and said they’re just words.

A recap of the main event of BFG, and the re-use of mystery tapings leads to Mr. Anderson hosting his show, simply known as “Huh”. We get paid low six-figures to write that. Mr. Anderson welcomes Matt, and his family. Mr. Anderson dives Matt a chair to sit on, likely as in the weapon he feels helped Matt become Champion. As Mr. Anderson asks Matt how it felt to be Champion, only to lose it, have the chance to get it back, and choked. Matt says he dominated the series, and that Young is the reason he lost. Matt says you fail when you quit, and he will become Champion again. Mr. Anderson asks if Jeff is doing Matt’s dirty work, to which Matt says he has EC3’s number. Matt and family begin leaving before Mr. Anderson says Matt has to go. This segment better die.

Drew Galloway tells Christy Hemme he started to wrestle at 15, and always wanted to face Angle. Drew adds the match will be a spectacle. He says both men need to win to prove they’re the best. Not a bad promo.

A recap of Young’s win leads to he and Bram saying they’ll destroy Beer Money
TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves and TNA X-Division Champion Tigre Uno vs. Eli Drake, DJZ, and Jesse Godderz. Fun fact: The tag belts were Dave Milican’s idea for a new Intercontinental Championship belt, and the X-Division belt is a ripoff of the previous design. Tigre Uno takes advantage of DJZ while DJZ’s partners don’t want in. When Jesse does tag in, The Wolves team up with Tigre Uno to rally. Drake however is able to help Jesse, until he tags in. Drake uses several strikes on Eddie Edwards before tagging in Jesse. Jesse uses knees in the corner before tagging Drke back in. Eli hits a float-over suplex to get two. Jesse and Drake team up to hit several power moves on Eddie, but eventually, Davey Richards tags in. Davey is able to use quick offense before using a double Indian Deathlock on Jesse and DJZ. After everyone is in the ring to brawl, Davey tags in Eddie, and Drake tags in Jesse. After DJZ accidentally hits Jesse, The Wolves capitalize to win.

Jeff believes in Matt.

EC3 wants to know what Matt has to offer. Matt says he earned what he has, while EC3 had everything handed to him. Matt then offers to put his career on the line. If Matt wins, it certainly makes last week worthless, so be ready. EC3 says he does not respect Matt because he’s won several times already, but says this better be the last time. EC3 wants to face Matt in a last man standing match.

Drew faces Angle in the main event. Both men tie up early on. Drew is able to use his power advantage, but Angle uses a “BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODY DROP”! and German suplex. After a yay/boo, but men are down going into break. Back from break, Drew chops away at Angle, and corners him with punches. Drew talks to the air to knock down Angle. William Gardner sadly won tickets. Angle hits an Angle Slam for two before locking in an anklelock. Drew rolls out, and sends Angle into the corner. Drew kicks out of a schoolboy, and hits a futureshock to get two. Drew next counters an anklelock to a crossface. Angle reverses into a second anklelock. Drew rolls out, sending Angle outside. When Drew goes to fight, Angle suplexes him into the rail. Angle gets him inside, but Drew hits the claymore, but only gets two. Drew hits a second time, but Angle brings his shoulder up. Drew puts Angle up top for a superplex, but Angle punches away. Drew is able to deliver. A second time, both men yay/boo. Leading to Drew selling a hurt leg for a run into the post, Angle hits an Angle Slam, but Drew kicks out. Drew headbutts Angle, and goes up top. Angle gives us a second straight finisher off the top to win. A great match to start Angle’s retirement run.

A great second week. We feel that big shows are coming, but is it too late to turn a corner? Only time will tell.

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