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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NXT Review 8/12/2015

We are on the road to the biggest event the show has seen this year. 2/3 of the gold has their challengers, tonight sees the final piece of that puzzle filled, and we start to build up the most anticipated Heavyweight Championship match for a WWE event this month. All this and more tonight.

We see that last week, NXT General Manager William Regal says that Kevin Owens should not be catered to in regards to a ladder match, however, speaking to NXT Champion Finn Balor, Balor agreed to make it so. Regal wishes them luck, but has a smile as though we know who he wants to win.

The night starts with Solomon Crowe vs. Tye Dillinger. Dillinger has the nickname Perfect 10. Given the recent Submission Sorority thing, we hope that doesn’t cause problems. The fans yell “10” in the same way that Daniel Bryan yells yes. After a feeling out that sees numerous reversals, Crowe lock in a headlock. When Crowe gets out of it, Dillinger does a cartwheel. Crowe is not impressed, and sends him into the corner. After several quick moves that show the agility of Crowe, Dillinger gets him cornered and punches and stomps away. When Crowe is on the ground, Dillinger does his 10 gimmick. Dillinger locks in a chinlock that Dillinger quickly gets out of. After Dillinger downs him with an elbow and lowers his own kneepad, Crowe uses quick, powerful attacks. When trying to target Dillinger’s legs, Crowe is sent outside. When Crowe re-enters the ring, he is his with an eat defeat-style move with the exposed knee. After the win, Dillinger keeps using his 10 hand-sign with the fans supporting him.

An ad for Summerslam: Taker’s Revenge. The match that either is getting rushed so Taker faces Sting, or the match to set up the match to keep the dream match from happening.

Zack Ryder finds that being friends with Mojo Rawley has more problems than being friends with Mojo Rawley.

Baron Corbin in his one move wonder match. This time against Axel Tisher. After giving a Blitzkrieg, Corbin talks about dominating everyone he’s ever faced. This brings out Steve Cutler, who is next to get taken out. Corbin rolls them both out of the ring and says he doesn’t care who you are. This brings out Samoa Joe. Joe barges into the ring with a microphone, and says he’s impressed with Corbin. He adds that if Corbin wants a challenge, he won’t do the same things to Joe. As the fans yell “Joe is gonna kill you”, Joe lays down his challenge. Corbin starts to backpedal a bit before attacking Joe. Joe battles back, and locks in his Coquina clutch to choke out Corbin. Joe rolls him over, and yells in his face to bring an end to the segment.

An ad for WWE2K16. Steve Austin seems to bury things the way Triple-H buried talent.

A montage of Bull Dempsey shows that he’s not doing a humor character with getting in shape.

Tyler Breeze talks about facing Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Breeze says Regal reached to Japan before to bring in Hideo Itami, and that he will repeat history after singing Styx

Balor vs. Marcus Louis. Still bald, now acting like a sexual deviant. As the fans yell “Finn”, Balor locks-up with Louis, who is dressed like how Kane has wrestled lately. Balor keeps Louis in a side headlock before Louis gets him to a corner, and starts dominating. Louis starts pulling on the facial hair of Balor before Balor gets out of it, and proceeds to send him to corners, chopping him and hitting a sling blade (MmmHmm). Balor ends the match with a coup de grace. Balor celebrates before Owens attacks him on his way up the ramp. Owens goes to powerbomb Balor, but Balor sends him into the rail. Once things return to the ring however, Owens pop-up powerbombs him. He then grabs the NXT Championship belt, mocks Balor’s entrance, throws it back on him, then steps on him.

The Vaudevillains says they have a plan to keep Alexa Bliss from interfering in their match with Blake and Murphy. She slaps them. The plan is Bubba Ray Dudley.

Well Tough Enough is not taking NXT’s place. Even if John Gaburick’s gone.

Apollo Crews tells the NXT locker room better watch out for him at TakeOver.

After running down the TakeOver matches, the main event is scheduled to begin. NXT Womens Champion Sasha Banks walks out to sit and watch which B-eauty she will defend against. Bayley emerges first. Hugging different fans. Boy we need to attend one of these. An ad for NXT merchandise. None of their shirts have penises or misspellings. Another ad for Summerslam: 21-Oh No You Didn’t. Becky next walks out with fans singing along to her music. Boy do those that run WWEs main roster wish they got fans this worked up. Both women feel each other out before Becky wrenches Bayley’s arm. Bayley gets a quick pin, but only two. Becky goes back to the arm, but Bayley reverses into a chinlock, and uses several quick moves before Becky uses several armdrags. Strange to hear Sasha put them over instead of purely talking about herself. Guess she’s not with Balor. Bayley uses a bulldog, but gets two. Bayley then elbow drops Becky, but gets suplexed for her trouble. Becky gets Bayley in the corner, and resumes targeting the arm of Bayley. When Bayley starts gaining momentum, Becky uses her legs in an innovative armbar. Becky keeps Bayley down with kicks before locking in another hold on the arm. Becky bounces Bayley arm first on the rope before Bayley briefly battles back. Again, Becky pulls the arm down. Becky uses a chinlock as we go to break. Sting needs Robocop to face the Terminator. Back from break, and Becky is still working on the arm. Bayley gets out with a series of elbows. And when Bayley goes to attack in the corner, Becky briefly battles back. After a series of false finishes, Becky uses a pumphandle suplex, but gets two. After a series of legdrops by Becky, Bayley starts with a flurry of offense, including an elbow drop off the top. Becky is sent to the apron, but kicks Bayley. When Becky scales the turnbuckle, Bayley battles with her before grabbing hold of her, and bodyslamming her. After a series of reversals, Becky locks in the disarmer. But Bayley reaches the rope. As Becky goes for an exploder suplex, Bayley reverse into a suplex. Bayley goes for Bayley-to-Belly, but Becky tries for another hold on the arm. Bayley rolls out, and rolls-up for a win. Bayley talks trash up the ramp to end the show.

Already getting better than it has in recent weeks, NXT has already generated more interest for it’s big event that the main roster has save for Taker-Lesnar 2. We certainly hope they keep this going with one more broadcast before then. That’s the review. Hope to see you again next week.

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