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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Impact Review 4/26/2016

Before we begin, our thoughts go out to the family and friends who lost Chyna this week.


Tonight is Sacrifice. Will Ethan Carter III let off some steam, or will Mike Bennett end up making history? Will TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway stand up as the winner, or will Tyrus? Will there be new TNA World Tag Team and King of the Mountain Champions? Ok, we’ll answer that last one.


After a brief graphic in honor of Chyna, Tyrus is waiting for Drew. When he and Rockstar Spud demand Drew walk out to give up the gold. Drew however is ready now, which makes it strange the match is this early. Drew starts with punches, but a distraction by Spud enables Tyrus to send Drew outside. Spud stomps away before Tyrus goes after Drew. Drew is able to send Tyrus into the ringpost. Despite Drew having help chopping Tyrus, the big man uses a suplex to get things his way. Tyrus keeps attacking the injured ribs of Drew as Spud looks like he needs a fix. Tyrus brutalizes the ribs further, and goes to splash. Drew rolls out of the way, and attacks in the corner. Drew uses a clothesline from the top before going to use the claymore. Spud’s distraction almost helps Tyrus use the Championship belt, but Drew reverses. After disposing of Spud, Drew hits his claymore for two. Both men are up when Tyrus again hits the ribs. Drew is able to battle out, and get Tyrus up top for a superplex. Again, only two. A yay/boo leads to Drew using several punches, and when Tyrus goes for a spike, Drew hits the Future shock to win.


A recap of Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy, and the lack of a finish, leads to an announcement of an update on Jeff.


Maria talks about this being her reign. Strange that she hated the Bella problem when Billy’s booking her like one.


An ad for AJ Styles: WWE Wrestler.


TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money talking about The Decay. Though we see TNA Ghost Bobby Roode is thinking about TakeOver.


Maria talks about re-making the Knockout division. Hey, remember when women’s wrestling mattered here? Well Gail Kim say it’s a sad day. After bickering for a bit, we remember what the band Fear said, the mouth don’t stop. Well, Maria makes Gail vs. Rosemary. Gail starts with an assault on Rosemary, but Rosemary manages to take the advantage. This includes a suplex, and unique submission work. Rosemary stays on Gail until trying to kiss Crazzy Steve. This leads to Gail’s figure-four on the post, and several quick maneuvers. Gail goes for a pin, but distractions by Steve and Maria lead to Rosemary using the mist to end this match.


Eli Drake says he will name the dummies on Fact of Life. It may be the person that possibly lost her promotion to a company employing two guys that fans hate.


Jeff walking funny leads to Drake talking about dummies, even having a button that says “dummy”. He starts by berating Jeff for jumping, as well, he does to Drew for having gold. He introduces Bro-Mans, who he calls dummies. Wearing matching glasses, they wonder about why they’re being called dummies. Drake say because Robbie E is teaming with Jesse Godderz, that Jesse made a mistake. They start talking about Grado. Then there’s more use of the button before Jesse gets ready to attack Drake. A punch by Drake doesn’t work to well. Then they call him a dummy. This was almost Mr. Anderson in this.


Abyss talks about things decaying. Perfect talk about this place.


EC3 talks about how he wants to win gold again, but he’s going to beat Bennett.


Beer Money vs. The Decay in a match RD Reynolds may need to talk about. Both teams brawl as the lights are darkened. This is Billy’s idea of shaking things up. Is NXT hiring? Beer money hang out in the ring, but are pulled out, and brawl some more. James Storm attacks Steve’s legs, but Abyss stops him. More brawling outside as Steve rolls Roode in while Abyss throws weapons in. Roode tries hitting Abyss with a kendo stick, but the previous assault leaves him open for Abyss to turn it around, leading to him and Steve sending him into a chair wedged into the corner. Turning their attention to Storm, Abyss sends Steve into the air to splash Storm, but Storm uses a chair. Beer Money send Steve outside, and use a team assault on Abyss going into break. AJ Styles: Possible WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Back from break, Storm avoids a barbed-wire board, and Steve goes in it. Abyss knocks Beer Money down, and breaks out thumb-tacks. Abyss hits a black hole slam, but only gets two. Roode rolls out of the way of Rosemary’s mist, and Storm spits beer in her face. Abyss is hit with a beer bottle, but only two. Stoem goes to fly, but Steve sends him through a table. Roode is recovering, and goes to hit a Roodebomb on the tacks, but a Rosemary low-blow, and Abyss chokeslam through the tacks send Roode to Florida full-time.


A recap of TNA King of the Mountain Champion and TNA Ghost Eric Young attacking Bram, who seems to re-sign every two hours, leads to Bram saying he’ll beat Young tonight.


Bennett talks about looking to take everything from EC3 tonight.


After Young berates Bram, Bram runs out and brawls with him. Bram uses a “BAAAAAAAACK-BODY DROP”! Bram then goes for a Brighter Side of Suffering off the apron, but Young grabs a bit of beard. As Young goes for a weapon, Bram pulls him out from under the ring. Young uses a low-blow, and a trashcan top before grabbing a table. Then Young hits Bram with the lid for two. Being in the seat, Young briefly uses a dragon sleeper, but Bram battles ahead. Bram goes for a superplex, but Young sends him off the top and elbow drops him. When Young goes for a piledriver onto the table, Bram low-blows, and hits the Brighter Side of Suffering into it to win.


Drew tells Booby Lashley he’ll be ready for him next week.


Jeff limps out to the ring. He says it was worth taking the risk because of what Matt had been doing, and he hopes it makes him think. Reby and Spud ask Jeff if he knows what he did. Spud says Jeff destroyed Matt, and that he will pay. Reby keeps with this whole Jeff hurt Matt thing as fans yell “Please shut up”. She spits and slaps before Jeff grabs her arm. Spud attacks the bad leg, but gets a twist of fate.


EC3 vs. Bennett main events. After a feeling-out, both men chase each other before EC3 sends Bennett outside, and into the rail. EC3 proceeds to chop Bennett before getting him inside. EC3 goes to bodyslam, but Bennett uses a rake, and sends EC3 outside. After assaulting EC3 for a bit, Bennett sends EC3 back inside. Working on EC3’s hair, Bennett tries to focus on EC3 in the corners. EC3 uses several big hits to get Bennett on the ground. EC3 tries for a 1%er, but Bennett reverses. EC3 gets him back down, and prepares to fly. But this end up in a fight on the top as EC3 sends Bennett down, and crossbodys him. As both men try to get to their feet, both of them end up in a yay/boo. EC3 hits a TK3, and Bennett hits a cutter, but both get two. EC3 is his several times with Bennett’s chair. EC3 reverses a Miracle in Progress into a 1%er, which has Maria push referee Earl Hebner. EC3 then uses the chair on Bennett before using a cobra clutch, but Bennett uses the ropes to get a pin.


Quite an evening of action. But there needs to be something that two alleged bullies can’t provide. Until next week.

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